Session 62


August 9, 1963
Present: Given, Runa, Legion, Primo, Paris, Evelyn, Judy, Horst, Andre.

Evelyn had come down from San Mateo and Judy had arrived from Big Sur. Andre and Horst arrived shortly after the session commenced, having driven down unexpectedly from San Francisco. During dinner, the term ouija was discussed and it was suddenly realized that ouija, pronounced we-gee, is equivalent to WE G or WE the G force. This was undoubtedly pertinent insofar as the group and its work was concerned, but in reality ouija should be pronounced we- yah-for it means yes, yes, in French and German. (“oui,” “ja”.) Ouija, in itself is essentially meaningless. But the WE G concept was meaningful to the group at the time. “Nothing is what is seems. Everything is as it seems.”

WE: And so it is! It is said.

Q: And now?

WE: Think all for a moment. Who are U? And so it is. Out with it!

Legion: Are you talking to me? What about the number seven?

WE: That is not it, is it?

Legion: G is the lion. I am G.

WE: No.

Legion: WE are G.

WE: And more.

Runa: Why don’t you talk about the Sphinx?

Legion: Is the Sphinx G?

WE: Not so. X.

Runa: X is the mark on the lion’s breast.

Legion: The Sphinx is the guard of the solar plexus-lion in man, the entrance to the lion. It works with the throat, the Union Hall-the rose-that which is to speak. Speech is an occurrence in the heart, the King’s chamber. The solar plexus is the Queen’s chamber. (John-Legion was speaking of the Pyramid.)

WE: What of the Word?

Legion: The Word is T G OM R I R U T. The reversal back to a source. (This related to his inner work in North Africa several years earlier.)

WE: You shall speak the Word exploding and annealing. It shall be spoken with ONE. The Word, contrary to belief, is not a command nor a benediction- more like a supplication. Question not this now.

Is there a question? (At this point Andre and Horst entered the room.)

Judy: Do you have anything to say to me?

WE: YOU do.

Judy: What does this concern?

WE: A song.

Judy: What song?

WE: THE song-for you are Melody.

Judy: Is that my name? When will I sing this song?

WE: You are singing now. The melody vibrates that around it.

Legion: What of the number nine? (He was referring to the fact that nine persons were now present.)

WE: It chanced one day two fled their oppressors. They separated at a fork and traveled apart for many seasons. When the time was right, the pair oned when nine were gathered.

What means this? You are about your doings. Continue if you will-continue if you won’t. May we hear a new voice?

Evelyn: Is there any other color to be hoisted?

WE: Yes. The tattered colors are to be downed. A shimmering replacement lies in a box. Tear it open. Without creases it can be raised now.

Evelyn: Where is the box?

WE: Be not offended at this-U.

Evelyn: What commission is at hand?

WE: None can say save ONE.

Evelyn: I need not ask whom. Why am I really here?

WE: The peacock spreads for all to see. There is more.

Evelyn: Is eight my number?

WE: No, 9.

Evelyn: Was it a pair that parted?

WE: No.

Evelyn: What was it?

WE: One as two.

Evelyn: In this, is Eve involved? (She was called Eve at the time).

WE: Yes.

Evelyn: Shall I be remembered as Eve?

WE: No.

Evelyn: As what?

WE: The Ruby. The stone.

Ruby-Evelyn: Shall my name be Ruby?

WE: Yes. Fruit-the olive. You cannot function without it. Your weapon is a banner.

Andre: What is my new name?

WE: Why do you ask?

Andre: Andre was the ego-personality. I’ve left Andre behind.

WE: Good. You are called Peter.

Peter: Am I involved in the story told just after I arrived?

WE: Yes.

Peter: How?

WE: You are one of two.

Peter: Who is the other?

WE: U.

Peter: Who are the oppressors?


Peter: Does my name have a relationship to the story?

WE: Peter is ONE.

Peter: What must Peter do?

WE: He is the firmament.

Paris: (Silent question).

WE: The beginning and the end of Paris are in opposition. (Later on it dawned on those concerned that the name Paris related to the tale of the pair that oned, for Paris could be seen as a pun meaning “A pair is”.)

Peter: (Silent question).

WE: The outstretched arms of Peter are giving, not receiving.

Peter: What brings humiliation?

WE: A seeming.

Peter: What does this mean?

WE: That which is not so.

Legion: Is there more you wish to say now?

WE: Yes. Much has been said beyond the ear this night.

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