Session 61


August 6, 1963
Present: Legion, Given, Runa, Gayla, Primo, Jay, Holiday.

Now all the members of the original group had commission names. Although these names seemed purely personal, there was the possibility that together they spelled a kind of rune, anagram or code that would one day be understood. Perhaps they were the letters of a Word-or else all said, in different ways, ONE. Gayla, for example, was later explained to mean La Gay One-and Gay is the way the letter G is pronounced in French. Runa could be separated into R Una, meaning One, therefore R One-and R was thought to be the letter of the Mother, also of the Sun. They are retained in the script mainly because they, like the weapons, numbers and fruit, may mean more than they seem to mean on the surface, and apply to all of man, rather than merely to this one group.

WE: Mark this well, you who question: There is never an answer beyond the ear. WE repeat: mark it well. There is always a question. It is ever so. The answer is never heard. The answer is always given. Often it is refused. There is no tragedy there. There are no mistakes. There are only repeated opportunities.

In your case, the answer is given. It is known of you. A battle is waged in your breast by your pending refusal. WE say pending for you have not refused yet. When acceptance comes, so does peace. When refusal comes, so does war. Your brow is bare, your hands full with the thorn and the olive. A lover you are, a warrior never. This you know, too. There is no glory or reward in doing-only in knowing. Know, therefore, that which you know. The wind in your valley sings a song. Tense to it and it chills. Embrace it-and it warms.

Jay: (Asks silent question).

WE: Though the arm is pained, crippled, or amputated, its idea and function remain. Though a mantle cover a man, he remains a man-and so it is with a woman. He who wears a mantle out of season is a foolish one. It is well worn in winter’s cold and summer’s sun and when an evil eye Is nigh. In spring and autumn and when the enemy is past, a man must bare himself or remain a fool.

Runa: Is there a story or something you could tell us in regard to races?

WE: It has been said,. The race is to the quick and so it is sometimes. But the race is not the thing. Your concern is elsewhere, is it not so?

Legion: What are the various races from your view–point?

WE: They are the letters of the Word.

Jay: What of the two races?

WE: WE do not know two races.

Legion: How many letters does the Word contain?

WE: It cannot be said.

Jay: What about man and woman?


Jay: What of my parents? Please advise.

WE: That which is held in the hand weights it. That which is loosed need not fall to the ground. There is that which rises when loosed.

Jay: Who are we asking these questions to?

WE: WE speak as YOU.

Holiday: (Silent question.)

WE: It is given to some to bear children, to others figs. The one who bears is not that which is borne. The path was put there for your step-put there by you. You are YOU. The steps are yours. The path is not you.

Gayla: Are all souls different from one another?

WE: Each is total. None can understand another. If difference there be, what of it?

Legion: I want to ask a question about the play, the game. Can you come on straight or is it an act always?

WE: WE can. It is all an act. The vitalness of it is life itself.

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