Session 59


August 2, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Rosalind, Bill.

Rosalind had been unable to come for several months because her son, Christopher, was in the hospital undergoing surgery. Dean was away on another trip, but Bill had come up from Ojai and was now staying permanently in Carmel.

WE: A question will lead the way.

Bill: What is my name? Would it be helpful for me to have another name at this time?

WE: It would. The name of one is the way and measure of one. Its use is the thread of the fabric. If used it cannot be mis-used. You are called Primo.

Bill: Is this name to be used like “Bill”?

WE: It is given to be used. The way and measure cannot be spoken. What says Primo?

Primo: Thank you.

Legion: Is what I have gotten concerning the source of Legion correct? In other words, is the Biblical “my name is Legion” a parody on the Caesars?

(He was referring to the passage on the casting out of devils. Many had assumed, since he announced he was to be called Legion, that the story of the casting out of devils into he pigs and swine was implied. He had been trying to find another meaning.)

WE: Before the worlds were, Legion was. Parody, no, nor paradox. Partition not Legion. (In other words, the ONE and the many were one. The ONE was Legion and the legion was ONE. The word legion, although once applied to “devils,” also meant a Roman legion, a heavenly host, and the ‘legion” that is all of mankind.)

Rosalind: Would it be good for me to have another name?

WE: Why is this asked?

Rosalind: Would it make a difference?

WE: It would.

Rosalind: Then I want another name if it is right.

WE: A new name is given not as a christening but as a commission. It shall be given you before the night ends.

Rosalind: (Asks a question about a dream she had about the destruction of Point Lobos.).

WE: WE speak not of dreams. They are the voices of you. They speak in tongues. That which is said is recorded; that which has meaning for you will be heard and understood. Ignore them not nor chase them. Seek not another to tell you what YOU have said to you.

Nadine: I can’t hear what is being said. (She hands the note-book to Rosalind to do the recording).

WE: Gayla writes now.

Rosalind: Is Gayla my name? Does it have a meaning? Does it belong to any special culture?

WE: No. Gayla will be heard, though. It will be used now which counts.

Gayla: Is there any special message for Gayla at this time?

WE: In lightness shall Gayla function. Her sweetness shall be heard. Her magic is to be woven. Like spun gold, it shall cover her hearers.

Gayla: Is much change going on now?

WE: The chip is borne along the path of the whirlpool. Its scene is ever-changing yet appears as sameness. The spiral is not forever constant. It will burst its frame and merge with its surroundings, and the chips shall flow forward mayhaps to spin another time. That which is is seemly; that which is not is seeming. Does a brow wrinkle with doubt and knot in concern? WE speak to the brow- bearer this: water not knots nor strain them. A wrinkle is a rut and not for you. The brow is to be worn in serenity and nobility. Let the olive and not the thorn adorn it. Face it into the wind and the sun. The dictator resides behind it. Do its bidding for smoothness.

Gayla: (Asks about an inner experience of the ONE she had at the age of 15. What was its relationship to the present unfoldment?)

WE: The happenings of yesterday and today are the shapers of tomorrow as surely as are the foundation stones the shapers of the temple. The function of the structure takes precedence over its parts.

Primo: If the name has to do with a function, have you anything helpful to say regarding this function? (meaning Primo.)

WE: He who is first has none before him. He who is first has dared all. He who is first has no false gods before him. He who is first is vulnerable when he casts behind him. The earth and all therein belongs to the ONE.

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