Session 58


July 23, 1963
Present: Rhom-Given, Nadine, John-Legion, Dean-Parris, and four visitors from Big Sur: Jay, Todd, Holly and Tony.

During this period, Jay’s trial was going on and many of the Big Sur people who were witnesses were staying at the Highlands. Jay was exonerated of blame in the knifing incident. John was recuperating from a light case of hepatitis, but no longer contagious.

WE: It has come to this!

Q: What has?

WE: We have come to this-not alone, not as two, but as ONE. The acorn is husked and ready for planting. The stony soil is powdered and watered. The fruit is to bear fruit. Masks have been torn away, yet their feel is still on the face. Soon memory fades and remembrance takes hold. Forms fitted will fill-unlikenesses are not for this day. Shall it be asked now or later?

Jay: For me, I guess. I’m supposed to do somethng, I guess.

WE: Once there was a man on a hill. He could look down and up. Below him were riches, and above, also. He moved not and admired much. In due season, water covered the treasure below and snow covered the treasure above. In another season, ice was below and fire was above. He moved not and feared much. Yet another season came upon him. Mist was below and above-treasure there was none. He moved and found much.

Jay: Tell me about the move.

WE: He is in motion.

Jay: What should I look for on the move?

WE: The treasure of ONE is along the way. Not a gift, this, but a possession. The hurdles you have placed, the bridges also. The trail you have marked without detours. You have placed the dallying places and the watering places. Let none show you the way-they speak of their way only and know not yours. If the path is to the rear, step not backwards, but turn and walk it. There is no vehicle on the way, so ride not. Accept bread if it is offered. It is yours do not sing for it. Give water if it is needed. Seek not a smile. Heed no song but the wind-song . . . the lover needs no other.

Legion: Tell more about prescience-law and justice symbols on our plane, etc. . . (He was thinking of the court-trial which was not yet finished).

WE: The obvious is the fringe and not the heart of the matter. He who walks the fringe wanders always. He who is at the heart of the matter pulses it!

Although this reply was irritatingly vague, its wisdom was seen later. The WE of the board would speak only of principles or central issues- not those pressing outward matters which seemed to be the issue at the time.

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