Session 57


July 18, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion.

WE: A slender thread hangs. A great weight, not a burden, is attached. A decision severs the thread; the weight comes under the law. The weight is ball-shaped. It falls and rolls. The pins before it are struck. Other pins are affected. Thus the game not-game is played.

Legion: What is the decision?

WE: The decision has been made. The decision-maker speaks it not. The dam has burst and water seeps from many spots. The water has come from the mountains. It swam the fish. It was blocked. It was freed. It runs to the low-lands and will rise to the mountains again. In another season, it will not be dammed.

Rhom: What is my name? Is my name Rhom?

WE: It has been given. You are called that. It was not always so nor will it always be.

Nadine: Is there a name for me now?

WE: No. The strength of a name is sustaining. The power of a name is transforming. The vibration of a name is building. The number of a name is nothing. A swing is swinging from the jaws of a lion. Seated on its seat is a doll-figure. What means this? A horse is standing on his hind legs. His fore legs are lifted o’er-head. A rider strides them.

Q: Are these pictures pertaining to the three of us?

WE: Yes. A bird flies belly up. A marble is beaked. A terrible beauty abounds. Vision is blind to it. It shall be perceived. Heed not the Prophet’s words, yet mark well this and remember: You are called from distant places-each separately. The call is not ahead of you. A center in each is magnetized. One a heart, one a throat, one a groin.

For you, Legion, the throat is to do with, but the groin is magnetized. Rhom’s pull is the heart; the groin is vital to him. The throat alone draws Nadine. You are that teat that suckles worlds. You can know a dry season yet shall not. Barren you seem. ‘Tis not so. Take no heed of your charges. Concern you with Self. Puff you up not, neither be minute. You have been singled. The separateness of the singled is unifying. The sorrow of it would slay those less brave. The joy of it may never be expressed yet it is known. You have been touched by YOU. It is enough.

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