Session 56


July 12, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John-Legion, Dean-Paris, and a visitor: Derek.

WE: A tiller has appeared. A toiler he is not. You have stretched forth your changing hand and it is come. You cannot draw the changing hand and expect a return to former days for the action in the returning hand is different.

Legion: When you speak of the tiller, are you speaking of a person? Derek? Evelyn? Who?

WE: The tiller has come for many.

Legion: If the fruit are ripening, the ground needs tilling?

WE: The leaf is separated from the bough and it will ground. Neither wind nor caprice has caused the leaf to fall. The bough cheers its going. The ground welcomes its coming. The leaf is unchanged yet it will. Will there be questions?

Dean: Has the tiller come to this house?

WE: He is here.

Dean: Who exactly is the tiller? WE: He is a function of ONE.

Dean: Who is the tiller?

WE: WE speak in words clear. Simpler WE cannot be. When understood, the clarity cannot be misunderstood-which is often the case in many other kinds of words with common meanings. WE welcome your questions.

Dean: Who is the tiller?

WE: WE are the tiller.

Dean: (Silent question in regard to money and plans.)

WE: Your concern is greater than you know-yet you know your concern. You have opened to the page you wrote. Do not write what is writ-read what is writ. Having read, do it. Listen not to a sweet voice lest it is yours. Heed not beckoning unless it is you who calls you. Speak not to other-they are not your concern. Look not for an eclipse-it cannot happen. This is the time you have readied for.

Dean: (Silent question).

WE: It is a wise man who knows his father. Only a fool can know God. Take no pause in your headfirst plunge toward knowing.

Legion: (Asks question about “I” force, how to hold the center, etc.)

WE: The collector of forces is like the flower that draws the bee. How-to draw the bee-must remain a flower. Should he become a bee, he would search for flowers. To handle, be.

Legion: What has the past to do with the future? Is there any outside force acting upon us?

WE: There is no force outside YOU. It is time. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday. It is time.

At this point, the doors opened and a big group of people arrived from Big Sur unexpectedly, led by Rowena.

Legion: (after they had settled down). Is there anything for the new people?

WE: There is. WE would ask that they ask if they will?

(No one asked). There being no question, WE would say this: Feed not yourselves to the asps-sup at your table. Join not with the gray—burning brightly is your flame. Entertain not those cold—in your paths are your own building blocks. Spurn them not nor take another’s. A directive is dimly seen. Focus it, deviate from it not. To the right is a gulf and to the left and behind and ahead. A bridge is before, a wolf behind, snakes to the right and left. Step this day knowing what lies on all sides. Seek not an arm nor a voice. Neither give nor take. Climb the horse that rides you. Steel his shanks, grip his mane. Ask now.

Dale: (one of the Big Sur group.) Is fear necessary?

WE: You-repeat YOU-are fearless. That which is feared is presented as an opportunity to discriminate. Your selector is unfailing. Your influence is One.

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