Session 55


July 5, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean-Paris, John-Legion, Bill and three visitors: Evelyn, Gita and Dave.

WE: ‘Tis a ripening time. Not harvest, but ripening. The reaping will be in measure with the sowing. No more. There is laboring in ripening season. While sowing, yes-while harvesting, yes. Is there a question?

Bill: Nadine and I are to be married. Are there any suggestions that would be helpful at this time?

WE: The clarity is clear-likewise the understanding. The hare is atop the tortoise. (Referring to the Unity Book.) The pace is equaled. What now of the golden spike? Nothing need be said about it. It has happened, it is understood. The twain is one. Never shall there be more. Number not among your treasures’ numbers. Treasure that which You have given you. Share not that which another has given for it does not exist. That which was a burden has no reality. That which is real is a burden. Will the newcomers speak?

(Evelyn, the widow of a Hindu teacher, was too shy to speak. She would do so later). A full table is laid for him who would eat.

It happened once a maiden tall hoisted to the thighs a grown youth. Kin they were not then or ever. When Eros trailed his shot, the tall maiden no longer a maid peopled a race and the youth knew her not. A full table is laid for him who would eat. In the halls of a king were gathered fools and knaves, lords and ladies, the King and his servers. In-to their midst strode a ballad-singer. He sang at length of love-till the King rose and seated him on the highest purple. Thereupon, the King went in search of a kingdom, singing.

WE wait. Would you know the future? Look to the goal. Would you know the past: Look to the earth. Would you know the present? (The planchette moved in a counter-clockwise direction for the first time, the direction of the creative, involuting swastika). Look to your hands for there it lies. If there is nothing further, then WE say goodnight.

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