Session 54


June 28, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean-Paris, John-Legion, Bill, Rosalind, Micaela, and two visitors: Ta, also called Tahiti, a sculptor interested in Tarot, and Christopher, age 11

WE: The ring has sounded. The sound has homed. An interval is suspended between intervals. The margins are acrowd with events. Measure not time in these intervals. To do so would draw the past and drain the future, neither of which concern ye. The water in the gold-fish bowl is astir. Why should this be?

Legion: Because the fish are moving?

WE: The fish are stirred by the water.

Legion: Who is moving the gold-fish bowl?

WE: The bowl is unmoved.

Legion: Something sure is moving that water!

WE: Damascus is on the way. Let it be. Table a question.

Legion: (Asks a silent question).

WE: Into a closed heart shall be driven a golden spike. Around its bitter point shall course the blood. The alchemy shall reach to the extremities. When the reverse flow is homed, the spike is withdrawn from an opened heart.

Legion: Would you care to speak of the void?

WE: How?

Legion: When looking for the Self, one seems to find the void beyond.

WE: That which is between the people gathered is the Self. That which they are is the Self. The voidness of Self does not void the Self. That which you are is the Self as is that which you are not.

Rosalind: Why is there no sense of Self at the center of being, then?

WE: That which appears to be a diminishing of the Self is in reality a greater realization of the Self.

Legion: But when this happens, one appears selfless.

WE: Yes. ‘Tis a seeing the smallness rather than the greatness. The ocean has been dumped into one who says “I have been thrown into the sea.”

Ta: What have I to do with the Chariot? (The Chariot of the Tarot-now revised as the Victorious One).

WE: This vehicle is not for riding; it bears a fullness. It is pushed ahead. None shall lead it. None shall be given of its fullness unless he asks aright. You shall not dispense. You shall push. Let him who says to you: ‘”But you are not the dispenser” suffer his misunderstanding.

Ta: Does a bird fly after the Chariot or before it?

WE: The bird is still. When it flies, it shall fly from the fullness forward.

Legion: It sounds like the Holy Grail is also the Chariot! Have you any words for any individual here or more for the group?

WE: The ring from the West has rung from the East. When you now loose something from your hand, keep the palm up for that which replaces. When you step into your shoes, be sure they are pointed in the same direction.

Legion: How about giving us a specific meditation for this time?

WE: It would be best to let come to your quiet time that which YOU let.

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