Session 53


June 21, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean-Paris, Rosalind, Legion and visitors: Djey and Linda.

WE: A searing flame cuts deeply, separating. Cool it not. Upon the shore is adrift a denizen from the deep. The noon heat takes care of that. The turning tide returns the shore to purity. Now-right now-the tide turns. Under the cradle of a strong arm is sheltered a lamb. What will you this night?

Legion: It seems to me that we-Rhom and I-have been doing just this for centuries! (The sessions had now been going on for ten months).

WE: It is! The heart tumbles purposely. A quickening comes to one. Fear is over-rid, courage courses with the blood. The will is seated and undrugged. Action is awaiting the threshold. The step alone is wanting. He who steps out is not in arrears. He who steps not errs not. He who twiddles, twiddles. A question is to be posted.

Linda: Are we doing exactly what we want to do?

WE: No.

Legion: Why isn’t Linda doing what she wants to do?

WE: Is she not? Well, then, a tale: A pebble bright shone in a thicket. Day and night it sparkled. A hunter of dark forms happened upon the thicket and coveted the pebble. He strung it upon his neck, bared his throat, sang sweetly and nevermore sought darkness. Into the arena stride well-matched battlers. Weapons are unsighted. The ruling force shouts “Commence!” They still. They wait. They battle not and the battle is won.

It is to be asked.

Legion: What of Rhom’s finger? Why does he have a wart-like mark on his finger?

WE: What? Each is masked. Something to do with unmasking. May WE say to all this: The windows are never shuttered. Doors may be closed, walls may be insurmountable, paths may be winding, trees may be barren, yet windows are never shuttered. To know the dweller, peer through the windows. (The eyes).

Legion: Would you tell us some more about the Royal Maze?

WE: What have you to do with Mazes?

Legion: One of the parts which I have to do with is this action of helping to run a planchette.

WE: On board. Maze-manipulation. Continue. WE understand more than you say.

Legion: How do we unwind the spells cast by these letters?

WE: The Maze is not a spell. The dwellers are spelled.

Legion: How do these words get unwinded then?

WE: The Word has been said straight. Some hear it not straight.

Rosalind: Is it necessary to get out of the Maze?

WE: Yes.

Rosalind: How does one get out?

WE: It is an individual matter.

Nadine: Is there anything more to be said on the Royal Maze tonight?

WE: If wished. A backward glance obscures that which is before you.

Legion: How about a glance at the present then?

WE: Good. WE see not a Maze.

Legion: What do you see?

WE: If a vine foreign climbs your branches, chop it off.

Legion: And if the ego climbs the branches?

WE: Likewise.

Legion: The word Self equates semantically with ego– how about another word?

WE: None is as good. However, if another word is meaningful, use it.

It was beginning to become clear that the Maze had to do with the past, but that the way out was not to dwell on the past, but on the present. However, all yet had a long way to go before they would be through with Mazes.

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