Session 52


June 11, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Paris (Dean had now decided to call himself Paris, the name assigned him by the board), and David M.

The presence of David M., who had been closely associated with the group at an earlier time (1957-1961) seemed not only significant at this time but related to the contents of the session. The ankh had been chosen as a symbol, and David was as drawn to Egypt and to the Akhenaton period as were the rest. The choosing of the ankh, however, as symbol was, as usual, entirely spontaneous and not deliberate. David had once been called Heho (light) when working closely with Rhom and Nadine prior to their meeting John Cooke in 1958.

WE: Great day. Roses are strewn. The heel is not to be muddied. Expose the heel to snapping dogs but soil it not. A heavy question is dealt with ere the table is cleared -this night. A child rises from the floor to maternal knees. From his new vision-point, he sees himself erect. Beyond his reach lies a wanted thing. He dares to quit his rooted mare and strives to his treasure. The floor knows him not. A book fully bound lies flat and open. Its words are in picture-form. Many come to the Book. Many read its pictures and depart unlearned. Then comes one who takes quill in hand and draws thereon his picture. He departs not nor stays. Think on this.

(David had not been present when the Tarot Books were being given. This clearly referred to David-also to all who were not present. To read the Book was not enough.)

WE: Out of the Northwest proceeds a column. At its head is the solar disk. At that point where the mountains-twain grapple the water, the procession stops its Southeast journey. It disperses to all points at once. The disk shall never be mounted.

(The solar disk, be it remembered, was Akhenaton’s symbol. The Northwest-Southeast journey referred to the reverse swastika, moving in a clockwise direction. The “creative” swastika, the reversal of the reversal, goes in a counter-clockwise direction as shown. The implications are clear and need not be stated.)


David: (Asked a question regarding a friend). Will “reaching after a wanted thing” keep me off schedule?

WE: Fear not the coming sequence of actions. You are the scheduler. Question not timing, question not others; only the Self is involved. Question?

David: Is it a clear deck for me in Honolulu? (He was shortly leaving for Honolulu to work with David “Daddy” Bray of whom he became, for a period, a favored disciple.)

WE: First consider the matter of the past–it does not exist. Second, think not on the future-it has no meaning. Now consider NOW. What would you?

David: Is there the shadow of a particular woman in the future?

WE: He who stands in the noon sun casts no shadow, nor do shadows come nigh him. The Sun has nooned. Shadows are not for you. May WE repeat what has been said before to the sharers at this table: Listen not for the voice of a Prophet. He speaks his musts only . . . no more. That which you speak alone has meaning.

Nadine: What are David’s weapons?

WE: Does he ask?

David: I am a member of this group and every other member has a weapon. I would like to know my weapon.

WE: You are. Weapon is a rope. Its strands are not seen of others. Only you wield this weapon in your manner. WE speak not on how.

David: May I know my fruit and number as a member of this circle?

WE: Walnut. 6.

Legion: Has David an animal or object associated with him?

WE: There is confusion here.

David: Would my receiving my animal-symbol clarify the meaning of animals for the group?

WE: Here is the confusion.

Legion: (He refers to the Nile’s headwaters mentioned in the opening session and the fact that it is “guarded” by the cat, dog, bird and shaft. This is what he meant by an animal symbol. Also what of the key to the Nile?) Would you speak of this once more?

WE: The key to the Nile is Legion. The Nile is a mystery. You shall drink it full. Centered here is a shaft; a cat supine is looked down upon by a dog. A bird alights not now. A recorder has preserved the tale. Dwell not in marble halls.

Q: Is there anything more to come forth tonight?

WE: Our pictures are word-the meaning you know well. Let our words become pictures in season.

Q: Is there a missing Word?

WE: It has been said.

Q: Is there a missing person?

WE: None are lost.

Q: Is there a missing picture?

WE: No. Now comes a clear wind. It has power to sweep aside debris. Welcome it. Stand naked before it. You cannot follow it but can go with it.

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