Session 51


June 2, 1963

Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion, Bill, Jared.

WE: The time is come: he who is upright shall go forward, he who is twisted shall circle. He who is upright shall remain so, he who is twisted need not circle. The forward moving one presses, the circling one yearns. The difference is significant. Pressing forward knows no limitation, yearning indicates lack. Speak.

Legion: What is evil?

WE: There is no evil-only denial. There is only one denial that of Self. None can say of another he is denying Self, but him who denies, he knows. A seeming denial is often an affirmation when seen aright, but none can see for another. This has been often said. When it can no longer be heard, it will not be said. Speak.

Legion: What is this anger I am feeling? Is it coming from the small me or something else?

WE: WE do not know a “small me.” All anger is the Self announcing a denial of Self has been permitted. ‘Tis a time of rejoicing when understood. The oppor- tunity for Self-acceptance comes with the same wind.

Legion: Where, in this instance that I am feeling anger, was Self-denial?

WE: Who can say in time when the flower blooms, or when the oak deadens and falls? The flower knows when the sap comes and the oak when it goes. We know that you too know the coming and going.

Legion: Are there levels of the Self? Am I the same as anyone else in this group? Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Rosalind, or Bill, for instance? Or Jared?

WE: Each droplet of the ocean is totally individual from all others, yet they make one body of water. Each is the ocean. You are the ocean. Even in the depths, there are no levels.

Legion: Can any man do anything?

WE: No. Some can do all things. All can do something.

Legion: Is there ever independent action?

WE: The control of One comes not from without.

Legion: In other words, can a murderer help murdering? Are actions destined from inside? Is the action predetermined by the Self or at the moment?

WE: A hair-breadth separates understanding here causing a canyon-wide gulf that cannot be bridged by steps. Without reference to sequence, WE would say you control the Self and the Self controls you. The action comes not in events. The action is ever-present. Confusion comes in judging actions and affixing labels. WE condemn not this activity, for the Self is operative in all things.

Legion: Is there such a state as the collective unconscious?

WE: This is a term subject to much confusion. When it is raining in your vicinity, all things close are wetted. When the world is rained upon, nothing escapes the wet. There is a place above the rain where the Sun shines. This place is reachable. One chooses the rain or the sunshine. He is not a victim of either.

Legion: Are these two places relative to what you termed the two indicators? (Meaning you and YOU).

WE: In a sense, yes.

In this rather quiet teaching period, various questions of importance were coming up and being illuminated. The absolute definition of the Self still seemed elusive-although it had been stated clearly again and again. But to know is seldom instantaneous. In this group, as with others of its kind, the mind still sought for intellectual answers for the purpose of clarification. When something new is presented, much of the old must still be cleared-and related. In the personal sense, everyone was undergoing changes, mainly due to the teaching and the process. That the Teacher was invisible made it no less real.

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