Session 50


May 22, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion, and three visitors: Gene, Connie, Rowena.

WE: The heart palpitates, the blood quickens, the vehicle energizes. This continues for a space. So?

Gene: What is a flying saucer?

WE: A Self seeking expression.

Gene: What is your function?

WE: Self-knowledge. There is yet another way. One can know by going into another and returning the produce to the Self.

Dean: Explain more about this, please.

WE: Like a body of water flowing into another body of water. There is a gain only.

Dean: How do you get yourself back?

WE: You are never a-part of the control.

Gene: What is a Self?

WE: There is not a Self. There is SELF.

Gene: Is it an inclusive One Self?

WE: And more.

Gene: Is there another Book?

WE: It shall remain unwritten. It shall be read, however.

Legion: How can one know oneself right now?

WE: This cannot be said, only known. Seek not in foreign lands for native soil.

Legion: Tell more about weapons.

WE: None can tell another his function. It has been said that all things are related. Go and tell-repeat tell-no man. Think on it if you will.

There once was a lad who walked to a cliff. He took a stone and loosed it over the edge. It flew up and he was not amazed.

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