Session 49


May 18, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Dean, Bill.

WE: A lemon is added.

Q: Do you mean Bill?

WE: Yes. (This referred to the fruit trees in the Garden. Later the apple, plum, grape, pear and strawberry, mentioned earlier, were to be assigned to the initial group of five in the following order: Rosalind, Rhom, John-Legion, Dean-Paris, Nadine.) They are well-tended. Each has buds and fruit.

Q: What of the reversed swastika? (The symbol on the board was not a reversed swastika but the reversal of the reversed swastika-or a “reversal of a reversal.” This evening the point was missed.)

WE: It is that which propels when in motion. It may be handled when still, but not when moving. The hands will be cleaved at that time. The force, wielded, is not a forcer.

Q: Is this the new power you once said must not be used as a weapon?

WE: It will not be.

Q: Does it have to do with reversal and joining the elements?

WE: With reversal. With joining, no. It disperses.

Q: Is it dangerous?

WE: It is. If it is to be active, it must not be hid. Should it be activated? You will decide. You are not a child. You can handle it. As wielder, when it is moving, steer it not. The Brave One suffers no defeat. Fear not the course you have set. The enemy is your friend.

Legion: Do you have any advice for Liz on Bridge-mountain?

WE: Has she asked? There is a lack of clarity. When a haze dims the far horizon, ’tis better to look near you.

A riddle: Who with an empty hand can give? Who with a full hand can receive? Keep you your hands in your pockets. Giving and receiving is another game. The power of Self is upon you. Lightly it rests, heavily it is carried. Softly it speaks, loudly it is heard. Silently it comes, silently it goes.

Legion: What was the first use of this force? (Meaning the swastika on the board-actually the creative swastika, so-called).

WE: That which was is not as this. If you wield this force and hand it not, you will walk with it.

Legion: What is the force’s number?

WE: 31. May it be said, question not an action not your own. May it be said, interfere not with another. Let no man design your actions. However, stay him not his designing but let him not design your action. The prize is within reach. Press toward it. Covet it not. It is in great measure.

Bill: What is my weapon?

WE: Fireball. Number: 1.

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