Session 48


May 12, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion, Bill and three visitors: Morgadant, Ben and Judy.

WE: Well, well. Who will ask what?

Dean. I’ll ask what. What?

WE: Paris. Paris asks what.

Dean: Is Paris my name?

WE: Is it?

Dean: Is there something I should know about Paris?

WE: You. You will be Paris. Think on it. Leave it now. Proceed.

Dean: Has it something to do with Greece?

WE: There is no Greece. There is a Paris.

Dean: If you’re speaking of the Trojan epoch, were we all involved?

WE: All here involved, and more. WE speak not to the past nor the future. Out it.

Q: What is there to uncover?

WE: YOU. Go deeper.

Dean: Am I hiding something from myself?

WE: N0-a nowing-no. Uncover YOU. WE spot you not. Paris means much to you. You will be Paris.

Legion: What about Mexico?

WE: Here is a place where the Mother is soned, the son is fathered, where the father is mothered. Here is a place where missing things are found and things are lost. It is Mecca. All things are there. None can walk its bosom without being nurtured. In its depths, the dark becomes darker, the strong stronger. To it shall come the weak who will depart weak yet they shall wax strong in season. The table is ringed with those who will know its fullness.

Legion: What of Oaxaca?

WE: You shall return. In part you shall gather to yourself yourself.

Ben: What about a book I’d like to write?

WE: Your pages are full. No time to write. Write not them again. Read them.

Ben: Does that mean expanding what is written?

WE: Is never expanded beyond the binding. There is no past-just a Book to be read.

Ben: Are you familiar with disembodied entities that live in Limekun Creek below Big Sur?

WE: There is ONE only. YOU are that ONE.

Legion: Is Mexico for us?

WE: It shall be as you wish it.

Legion: I am going to Mexico!

WE: Yes.

Rhom: Are we going to Mexico?

WE: Yes.

John-Legion did leave for Mexico a year later and lives there yet. After several years of renting, he built a house there with pillars and a lotus-pond in an Indian village not far from Mexico City-or rather within an hour’s drive of it. Rhom and other members of the group visited John-Legion in Mexico later, but did not remain.

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