Session 47


May 11, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion.

WE: Willingness is with you and you know it. When the ear is stopped, the Word is heard.

Legion: How does one stop the ear?

WE: When the Word is to be heard, the freed man is captive of all. He embraces naught, but is embraced by everything.

Legion: Are there any freed men on this planet?

WE: Yes.

Legion: Many?

WE: Yes.

Legion: Then why has this very precise teaching of Yours not been recorded previously?

WE: It is now written.

Legion: Do you agree with the concept Rosalind and I got about a non-self?

WE: WE would say that there is not a non-self. However, if there are selves to ONE, so be it. Love the terror in your path. The ensuing change is not a miracle but a law.

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