Session 46


April 27, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion.

The wailing wall has been visited. It has flowed a true tear is happily shed. Welcome divisions. He who says he has it has it not. Deny him not his right to say it. Say not he has it not. None can say for another. That which you have, you know not. Seek forever your becoming. Go not far afield. Force not “you”-rather, explode.

Legion: Has a cycle been completed tonight with David Bray’s visit? (David Bray, the Kahuna, had recently come on a visit from the Islands and had held a ceremony at the Highlands, wearing his scarlet robe and a garland of leaves. He had chanted chants and given instructions and blessings. But John-Legion intuited, correctly, that “Daddy,” as he was called, was not to return again. A certain sadness was felt.)

WE: Yes.

Legion: What of the new cycle?

WE: You shall bring forth a clarity and be not clouded by the shrouds of others. It has been said by you these many weeks. Now comes the knowing and, with it, the doing. Each has the strength for self-support. Cling not to the vines. Their growth can strangle. Cut not the roots. Allow fruition for each. The apple, the pear, the grape, the berry, the plum differ, yet they are One. (Later these fruit were to be connected with the original group.)

Be not overcome by that which you over-take. Sadden not yourself by that which you leave behind. Smile not at that which lies ahead-it may be an enemy! Embrace that which you know. Stand not aloof from that which is apart from you-it might be yours.

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