Session 45


April 25, 1963
Present:Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Legion, Rosalind, and seven visitors: Lenore, Benny, Maria M., Niva Dell, Jared, Djey, Renee.

Curiously, the sessions were usually quite short when there were visitors present. Usually, the session was preceded by dinner when there were many arrivals. But this also seemed to be a period when that which was being imparted was not pressing. The tempo had changed.

WE: A hunger is to be slaked. The morsels shall not enter the lips, nor shall they come from another, nor shall they be seen. The empty One shall feed himself, then others, because he must. Shall there be an answer?

Nivadell: Who sends this message?

WE: ONE speaks.

Nivadell: Have you advice for me?

WE: The role of the cup-bearer differs from that of the taster. The taster saves the king, the bearer serves him. WE wait for ONE.

Legion: How does Nivadell’s guide’s concept about Lemuria connect with our work?

WE: Not always are connections made acceptable. Each plaits the threads in his fashion. That which is weaved is worn by the maker. The many colored cloak is of one substance. Only the naked have need for another’s cloak. Better for him to be about his weaving.

Q: Is there a reason for this particular group to meet tonight?

WE: Yes. Each is strengthened in his way. (Indicating Djey by pointing planchette.) Ask.

Djey: I’m seeking a woman to share my life. What do you have to say to this?

WE: Know that she is YOU. Separate her not from YOU as you do. You are one, you are two. Make not One of two. Make the two One, and go on your way.

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