Session 44


April 22, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Dean, Lorna, Rosalind.

WE: Welcome. The quest unfolds treasures and pleasures. They are not to be given away. They will be shared though. Ask.
Rosalind: What of the mountain alone that I have witnessed?
WE: The mountain is and moves not. The mountain receives the storms without yes-ing and no-ing.
Legion: Would you give advice or help to Jay? He asked. (Jay, a metal sculptor and potter from Big Sur, was involved in a court-trial involving a knife-fight with Dennis Murphy, writer.).
WE: Wait. Expect these things: high joys that plunge lower than the deeps, and depressions that fill with completeness. Great are the expectation–shallows contain little.
Rosalind: What about other people and hurting them?
WE: Child, concern yourself with YOU. There are not others. We speak to the absent one. (Jay). You are not absent, you are not empty. This WE tell you and you will know it: Into your fullness you have tried to cram away the emptiness that you knew was not there. You have not erred in this. The battle will rage around you. Neither slings nor arrows shall violate you. A warrior you are not nor a spokesman, neither a lover nor a taker. You are a virgin to be brided to your Self. Relax and yield. You are well advised to hold the pebbles in your hand until that time when they bruise or burn. Stay them not when they fall from the hand, nor cushion their fall. Loose them and be done with them-likewise with all things that come to you and from your hand.
Legion: Would you please give us more on the Books-how to apply them?
WE: There is much that can be said about you and your Book and your Books and YOU will say it. WE will not deprive you of the Self realization.

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