Session 43


April 21, 1963
Present: Rhom, Legion, Nadine, Dean, and three visitors from Los Angeles: Jerry Ann, Bill and Jeanne.

Jeanne: What is to become of Brion?

WE: Thyself alone is important.

Bill: Why does this search-that Brion is on-destroy some and strengthen others?

WE: The Self makes adversity an opportunity; the destruction is a seeming only. YOU know what you do and why. None other knows YOU. The promptings are answered. See ONE.

Bill: What would Brion go to the desert for?

WE: To some the desert is a sandy place, to some it is the home of the rose, to others it is the birth-place of the wind. It is also much more.

Jeanne: Will I find the white, square house open in the middle for the sun to shine down to the sea?

WE: This you will not need to find. This you must search for, however.

Jeanne: Where will the search lead me?

WE: YOU have chartered the hithers and yons to the ONE.

Legion: How or why did we all commence this search? What did we do to start it if we were perfect and One?

WE: In that day you will know what is not done. Jerry Ann: (Silent question.)

WE: The heart is a bauble. Its fire is fed elsewhere. Its warmth is not its own. ONE must enter the heart-then it is a jewel. ONE flames it to action.

Bill: (Silent question).

WE: It is seeming only that identical twins exist supporting each other. There are two of nothing. There is YOU.

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