Session 42


April 17, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Dean, and a visitor: Rowena.

Dean was not present at the beginning of the session. He came in later from Big Sur with Rowena. This was the beginning of Big Sur arrivals which were to become numerous as the word went out.

WE: A flapping of wings, a dust cloud rising. Grey-green bark shattering. Clouds gathering, rolling and spilling. A tossing, turning, twisting. The warnings are up. Small craft are harbored. The liners sail on schedule. Will you out it?

We speak to the anguished one (John-Legion). Alone, the number of thy days are great, thy burdens heavy. This shall not change-know this. In time of need, nothing is given that cannot be revised, nor given without need, nor given unless it is bearable. Feel not lack in moments of release. Under-estimate not Self, situations or others. Give when it is seemly. Withhold when it is advisable. Withstand-or act-when it is stressed. Be a harp and let others string you if you wish. Be not strung by toes. The egg is cracked, the root is upped and bearing live leaves. The fruit comes in its season. The egg fought the seed, the shell the root. The leaves sprang forth in silence. While the fruit is being nurtured, there is pain in all birth-as mothers know. Great is the pain. Greater still is the pain when birthing is negated. That which is birthed is not greater than the birthing. Stay with it and go with it. Feel when you will but not what you will. Look not at others unless the Self is looking. See not others as other than the Self. Influence not nor be influenced. There is ONE only which counts.

You have always asked for the difficult. You asked not always knowingly but always fearlessly-though many times frighted.

Legion: Frighted-or plain bored?

WE: Frighted. The scene has changed but a pattern remains. LET the pattern time itself to the changed scene. The scene is not seen. The pattern will peter. Let yourself. Let others. Force not. LET.

Dean and Rowena arrived from Big Sur. After conversation and coffee, the session continued.

Q: What is Legion’s relationship to Subud?

(Subud stands for Susila Buddhi Dharma, an Indonesian spiritual movement to which all belonged at the time. In fact, John’s house at the Highlands was Carmel Subud headquarters.)

WE: Thus is Legion known.

Q: What does Legion do about latihan now?

WE: Legion does as Legion is. Legion is not the pigs and swine. That which is reversed is not Legion.

Q: What is reversed?

WE: The sleeper.

Legion: How does one retain awareness of the awakening lion when all seems against allowing it to be awake?

WE: Forget the past. Legion is not the past. Take each gift and make more of it than the Donor intended. This above all: There is not a god-only YOU.

Legion: How do I get over believing each person knows more than I do?

WE: The hungry man takes bread wherever it is. When he is sated, he may give his bread to another, he may sing songs or lie down in the daisies.

Legion: What of the authorities around one, the various powers, etc.? What if they indicate oppositely, or contradict one another?

WE: Be responsible to none. Do as YOU direct. The chaffing comes when there is friction between you and YOU. Listen well to this: WE say to you, you are your own father. You will be fathered forever until you know your father is only that which you wish to hear.

Legion: I wish to hear how to re-orient from egoic patterns and personality.

WE: A cypress with proper attention can be dwarfed into a thimble. A cypress wants to be a cypress. What, then, is the friction?

Nadine: Is there something for Rowena?

WE: The digging process airs. The planting smothers. A lonely voyager seeking warmth and shelter found them not at inns or palaces. He wandered the many corners and was halted at last, whereupon he lit a fire and fed and warmed himself. No longer did he roam, and he was found by others. This is a moment not to be lost. Make the most of it!

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