Session 41


April 12, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Legion, Dean, Rosallnd, Bill, and five visitors: Dr. Andrija Puharich, David, Melany, Charles and Charlotte.

Nadine had returned from her round the world trip shortly after the T Books had been completed. She had invited Dr. Puharich and his friends to attend a session at the Highlands in celebration of her home-coming. She had received copies of the sessions while away by mail at various ports of call.

WE: A goodly gathering. Be comfortable. A truce shall not be made. Resort not to violence. The battle is waged. Victors there are none-nor losers. The battle is the thing. A mighty battle is a good thing. Not so a deadly war. Heavy is the stone. Shall it be lifted or shall it be built upon? A stone has each. None has two. That stone which is yours belongs not to another. A single stone cannot rattle against another. Should a rattle be heard, know that it is not a sound that concerns you. Your stone does not rattle. Its weight is not a burden for you. It has no measure. Comfort your stone for it shall comfort you. Polish it and you will shine. It is a jewel at your throat, a rock under your feet, a drop in your crown, a vessel of your heart. Give it not away, drop it not in the well, throw it not to the Gods. YOU are your stone.

A ballad: He has come who sings a sweet song. His pitch is true and the birds know him. He sings in the high places and mantles the low. He sings not words but songs. He needs not the melody of others. When he sings not, the birds wing. When the birds wing, they fly south. The land is empty without birds. Is this a good thing? Once there was a virgin. She knew not man nor woman. She reached the period of knowing and there-after loved all. A question?

Andrija: Describe tonight.

WE: WE are gathered together yet there is separateness in the gathering. A unit remains ever thus. The completeness of a unit cannot be added to nor divided. Why then do units join? There is no answer.

Charles: (Asks a silent question).

WE: A broken pitcher brought to the well cannot draw full measure. The thirsty one-on the other hand-has no need of a pitcher. Into his two hands can he draw his need.

Melany: (Asks a silent question.)

WE: The petals taken from a flower can live forever. The thorn, when removed, dies.

David: (Silent question).

WE: There was a David who was a singer and one who slew. Here is another, and WE know him well. Yet WE say: none can know another. Happy is him who knows himself. Happiness.

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