Session 40


March 29, 1963
Present: Rhom, John-Legion, Dean, Lorna.

WE: The press has loosed a goodly juice; its substance shall vitalize the days ahead, its color will transform, its flavor will satisfy as nothing else. Its body is new. The grape is no longer needed-not even for mash. The juice is for now. You have drunk it and are sobered thereby. WE share with you the trials passed and the beauty of NOW. You are embraced. Nor will the warmth fade. You shall do. You shall share. What is done in the doing and sharing is of no concern. It shall be. Much could be writ but there is no need. Like a nerve sensitive to all near it are you aware. Like an artery pulsing are you. A cyclops you need not be. A nerve, an artery, a vessel, an organ-these are enough. What would be asked?

Q: Are the Books in the order they ought to be?

WE: There is order in all things. The significance matters not. The arrangement is different for each.

Legion: Has this arrangement been especially for this group?

WE: Yes-and more.

Lorna: But is this the way YOU want them?

WE: This is the way you have them.

Lorna: Ought they to be published or used for the world now?

WE: They are writ to be read. Let him who can read, read.

Is this, then, the way the Tarot Books have always been produced-to lead a person or a group through levels of being?

WE: That has ever been the way.

Legion: How have they been used in the past, as part of initiations, etc.?

WE: WE cannot say.

Legion: What comes next?

WE: The next step is being paced. Know it.

Lorna: Are the Books complete? Are there things to be changed in them?

WE: You have made them.

Legion: What of the “time of telling”?

WE: You will not be involved with the telling. It will be told of you.

Lorna: Are there more Books to be done? The minor trumps?

WE: There is no need for more. He who sleeps now shall not dream; he who dreams now shall sleep. Will you answer this question: are you satisfied?

Rhom: Yes.

Legion: Yes.

Lorna: Yes.

Dean: No. Yes. Kind of….

WE: So be it.

With this session, the first phase had definitely ended and the next step was “being paced.” It was to commence with a big gathering two weeks later.

It will be noted that when asked about the minor trumps it was stated “There is no need for more.” However, the minor trumps were added seven years later in order to complete the deck as a deck. They were not dictated via the board. The Tarot Books were complete with the giving of the twenty-two cards known as the major trumps.

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