Session 39


March 26, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Rosalind, Jared, Micaela and a visitor: Gordon.

WE: In that day shall blend the elements. They shall be expressed in a new expression. Him who knows shall be the expresser. Ye shall know that day and that ONE. Now it is a day without number. In that day, they shall be numberless.

Q: What do you mean by elements? Do you mean earth, water, air, fire?

WE: You have said it. An event has produced a number of events which shall produce THE EVENT.

Q: What is THE EVENT?

WE: THE EVENT OF KNOWING. That which is known is ONE. YOU are the answer to that ONE. He who was tortured was dismissed by his oppressors, broken and dispirited. Without purse and bread, he hobbled to a desert spring. Face down, he parted the reeds and entered his face into the water. Long he remained thus. In due time, all the creatures of the deep rose and touched him. When the evening star lifted, fire from the watery depths was forced upward. He drank it full, rose to his knees, belched forth flame, stood, and walked his way. Much is said in simplicity. Should the King remain childless, who would rule thereafter? But, should he retain his crown, what is the need?

Jared: What does this cross I am seeing mean?

WE: That will be answered this night.

Gordon: Can you give me advice?

WE: Peer deeply into the shaft. Block the sky orb from the deep. Probe the murk therein till thine orbs are accustomed. With the coming light comes the answer.

Rosalind: Why am I exhausted from time to time? Why no energy?

WE: The flow is ever constant. The direction may vary.

Rosalind: But what makes it go?

WE: It disappears not. The course is directed. Much energy is expended in seeming. In moments of depletion, know the generator for vitality. The generator is thy SELF.

John: What is my real name?

WE: Your name is legion.

WE shall now proceed to the Book in hand: Picture a forward-looking man. He stands in two shallow pools. They are circles. Looking at the pools, the left is water, the right is fire. He is entered to his ankles. The pools are connected by a narrow channel. Water proceeds rightward through the channel, fire proceeds leftward. At their meeting, steam rises to his vitals but not beyond his hips. His right hand centers his breast. He holds an egg upright. Through its top protrudes one root with two green leaves, reaching to under his chin. His other hand is extended forward, raised in benediction. Above him, a golden Sun sends a shaft to his head and a shaft upward. A golden wing is affixed to either side of the Sun. Thus the cross is centered and winged. He is the Knower. (Judgment.) The Knower functions as the Self. Picture him as the SELF.

John: Is this the last Book?

WE: This phase has ended.

The last of the twenty-two Books of Life had been given, culminating in the Knower, the SELF, or that which was sought. “There is nothing beyond self- knowledge.” The cross Jared had seen was the cross of the SELF. When John asked for his real name and was told that it was legion, he assumed it was to be spelled with a capital letter as Legion. But, in light of the context, it more probably meant that the name of the SELF is legion-that the names of the ONE are legion, or as multitudinous as the stars. However, from then on, he used it as a given name, thus setting a precedent for other “commission names,” as they were later called, to be assigned those who asked for them When John-Legion first painted the Knower, he made the face resemble his own since it had been said to picture him as SELF, but then he realized he had interpreted this too literally. He made the Knower a black man. Years later, in Mexico, he painted yet a third version of the Knower which had no face and the featureless head was silver-but this has never been printed.

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