Session 38


March 20, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Rosalind, Micaela.

Now twenty Tarot Books hung on the walls of the house at the Highlands. It was clear that the end was approaching, for there were only twenty-two major trumps. None remained undone save Temperance and Judgment or the Resurrection. Which would be the last? Was the Apocalypse coming close? “In that day” . Yes, surely, there was a feeling, among the group, of imminence. Micaela continued to draw pictures, seemingly paying no attention to what the adults were doing with the ouija board in another part of the room. She seemed bored and uninterested. However, occasionally, she listened. Nadine was still away and recent postcards had come from Egypt. She was going up and down the Nile and visiting the tombs, ruins and Pyramids.

WE: The journeyer stops along the way to renew himself. He rests, drinks, relieves, gathers, and continues his way. At some of his stops, he exchanges with others. Yet he renews his Self and continues in aloneness. The accomplishments of the past are nothing compared to the attainments of the future yet they bore the seeds and were the father of them. Purple shadows lie in yellow robes. Think of this. Twelve times has the bell sounded. Kill not the wild beast though he roar the leaves down. Slay not his breed though they be without number-rather, sing to him and his. Hear not as they-sing. Feed him and his goodly goods, and they will serve you. Enter not your hand into his jaws, shear not his claws nor his mane, nest him neither. Block not his wanderings nor lead him. Sing to him and his.

Should a prophet appear among you, heed not his directions. He knows the way-but none knows the way of another. The way you go, you well know. You have founded the points and chartered the course. It compels and impels. You have laid the stones and painted the signs. The marsh and the fog-you did. Your crafts are fully fashioned. Linger not with the flowers you have planted till their fragrance fades. Wait not for the petals to fall. Quicken on the down-grades; pace the ups for they are so designed. He who makes his way has made it.

A Lonely One daily climbed into the mountains seven. He knew the caves and berry bushes but not the snow-fields. In the spring when his hut washed away, he gathered his remnants and bread, and climbed, headed for the far side of the mountains. On his third eve, he caved before the snow-fields. Musing before the fire, the stars were blacked by an arriver who called his name, saying, “I have found you and you have come.” Wearied, he told the tale of his malady and that his seers had promised him relief through the Lonely One. They passed the night in sharing, to walk forth at dawn whole, each to his way. Will you question?

Q: Is it that each knows his way, including all of humanity?

WE: All are wayward.

Q: What role do prophets play?

WE: They speak on their way.

Q: Has it gotten people mixed up, listening to Prophets?

WE: There are many sign-posts on the way.

Q: Who is meant by “prophets”? What of the Savior?

WE: There are Prophets un-numbered, but ONE Saviour.

Q: Who is that ONE Saviour?


John: What of Meher Baba? Is He a Prophet?

WE: No.

John: Has he arrived?

WE: He is here.

Q: What is alcoholism? What is it caused by?

(Several friends who were alcoholic had been in close contact recently. Most were members of Alcoholics Anonymous but seemed troubled as to the meaning of their plight and its true cause).

WE: It is a blindfold donned by those whose eyes would see the Sun but whose eyes are not strong enough to stand the glare.

Q: What is the way out of alcoholism?

WE: The “way out,” as you say, is a private affair.

Q: Then there is a way out for each individual?

WE: WE speak not of curing but knowing.

John: Is there a Book?

WE: Start with a golden Sun. A soaring hawk is out-lined in front of it. He is much smaller than the Son. He floats downward and looks not unlike a slivered moon-angled so that his head points to the figure far beneath. The figure, though naked, is neither male nor female. One arm is crooked upward. Into that cupped hand flows a descending stream of blue water. This is on the left side of the Book. The other arm is extended to the side at hip level. The fingers are extended. A stream in equal measure flows to the ground. This stream is fire. This is the Reverser (Temperance).

John: Is the figure on a mountain? What kind of landscape?

WE: No.

John: Is the figure on the ground?

WE: Yes.

John: Any special color?

WE: Black hawk. All else as you see.

John: What is the Reverser’s significance?

WE: The Reverser correctly channels flows.

In the discussion afterwards, someone asked John how he could draw a naked figure which was neither male nor female and make the matter clear. He said, “Tiny, tiny,” referring to female breasts and male genitals. It was interesting that Temperance had been the only androgynous or angelic figure in the older Tarot-and that the Reverser was in the new one. But-how very different in concept! However, the reversal was, after all, the point. Reversal had been stressed from the very beginning of the Carmel sessions seven months earlier. Unmasking, apparently, had to do with seeing oneself as being oneself rather than as being cast in any one role, including that of male or female. One was ONE-not the temporary or passing attributes and qualities. Was that, then, why most of the figures in the revised Tarot Books were naked? Very probably so-yet sex differentiation did seem to remain, insofar as most of the Books were concerned, save in the Reverser. What did this mean? Someone suggested later that there was a time on Atlantis, according to legend and Edgar Cayce, when the human – being had not been divided into two sexes. Was this related? And, if so, in what way? No one knew. The Garden of Eden still remained. The truth was very, very close, yet elusive . . .

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