Session 37


March 15, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Lorna, Lenore, Mayfield.

WE: Speak out needful sayings! Hold not back that which you must speak or the word unuttered that ups shall sink, tearing holes in the dark shaft. Light shall not seep out through the holes yet dust shall enter them, clogging life. When the word you must speak is lipped, great is the result. Test not, trust not. Do and know-and then do knowingly. Resort not to the devices of another. Uncore yourself for there YOU are. If a foreign foot has muddied your stream, let the crystal flow purify your stream. Race not upstream or down. Stand, and let the crystal flow. From the heart of the desert a wind stirred. It circled and landed. It commenced a great whirling. The sands shifted and the beasts were frighted. With a fury, it lifted many grains of sand and moved them on. Where the sands were, now is bared a rose. Shall a full cup withstand a drop or two more? Speak out….

John: (After a pause.) In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

The Word is here.

Meher Baba better hurry up as we speak it! (John Cooke had for many years been devoted to Meher Baba, believed by His followers to be the Avatar of the Age. Baba had been in silence for many years, communicating only through an alphabet board, but had been promising to speak the Word, and that when He did, the total world-consciousness would change.)

WE: The conflict has existed. With love it is done. The Speaker is with you. He stands with mouth open. He speaks. Birds and bolts issue forth. He holds in his right hand a black ring as large as his arm. He holds in his other hand a key which is golden. On his breast is a shimmering heart. He stands pure and unclothed but for the boots which rise to his ankles. His golden hair falls to his shoulders. Behind him, mountains explode. Beside him, waters spout. Before him, buds spring up. Great is his speech and his neck is corded. Terrible are his eyes. With the Speaker, IT IS DONE.

John: Do you mean this is the final Book or are there more?

WE: There will be more.

John: Do the waters spout from the ocean or out of the ground?

WE: Picture the eternal deeps as you can.

John: Any special color?

WE: None that matter.

At the time, everyone connected the Book of the Speaker with Meher Baba- but gradually they came to feel that the “Speaker” had already spoken when it was said “The Speaker is with you”. The Speaker was not necessarily outward. And, as John was to say later, “Maybe Baba has been speaking all along.” But could Baba-or any one-be differentiated from the ONE? “Let no one claim the cloak as his.” Meher Baba later died in 1969 without having broken his silence, but many felt that he had done so in the moment of death, albeit soundlessly. And that, indeed, all along “He” had been speaking. In “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts it is recounted that in the early days of mankind there were those called the Speakers-who were the Teachers-and that many who are living today are Speakers without knowing it. (They do their teaching in the sleep state). It is interesting, also, to note that Krishnamurti now refers to himself as the Speaker.

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