Session 35


March 6, 1963
Present: John, Rhom, Dean, Rosalind.

WE: 1 is active. 3 are ready. 5 have done it. Ring of memory. It is a circle both freeing and binding. It is never worn yet is ever present. Its burden is great. It is with you as an aid. None truly knows the ring. Its mystic nature is not known of the mind.

Q: What is it?

WE: Races, races, races.

Q: Races of mankind or race to a goal?

WE: WE speak not of this. Races there are. WE merely remind you of the race. The connectedness of all words is. In their season, they shall perform. Sitting on your shoulders is a Knower. Know your Knower. This is a night of much meaning. The waves have shored goodly drifts. You are immersed in this beauty and know it. Cast not adrift the tides’ worth-it may shore on foreign soil if you do. The Gentle One has stirred. A roar awakens the Gentle One. Milk and honey are fed the Gentle One. A full day’s events are ahead. The evening star shall not set on these things.

Q: Who is the Gentle One?

WE: WE know the Gentle One and you, too. Question?

Q: Tell us about male and female, sex, etc.

WE: Man is not, nor woman. YOU are. He who tears away a mask before the ball is over wins not the contest. Worry not yourselves about masks. Dance on.

Q: How do you feel about having the Tarot Books printed in a magazine?

WE: The decision is not OURS but yours. There is no danger in right use, only mis-use.

John: Is what I wrote today in the right line in re the Tarot?

WE: None is better qualified than yourself to deal with the subject.

John: Would you tell us more about the Virgin? Is she the central mystery? Who is she?


Q: Do you mean one’s Self? Or do you mean John personally?

WE: Connect all things.

John: Can we have the next Book tabled tonight?

WE: Yes. Picture a gate and another behind it till there are seven. Each has two half doors length-wise. On alternating gates, the half which opens forward is white and the half opening rearwards is black. Each gate has a black and white door. The frames are arched. A straight roadway leads through the seven gates. The road goes up and over a mountain. A babe stands in front holding two keys, one in each hand. Picture a full moon containing two quarter moons facing each other.

The latches are triangles. The forward door has a cut in it that is half of a triangle. The rearward door holds a full triangle or lock. The doors are not fully opened, but nearly so. Colour the arches as led. The babe is male, unadorned. This is the Reacter. (The Moon).

Q: Can you give another significance? To make it clear-the Reacter in what sense?

WE: Not the Actor.

Q: Is there reason for the given sequence of these Books?

WE: There is orderliness in all things.

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