Session 34


March 2, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Rosalind, and a visitor: Micaela, age 10.

WE: The siren bell has rung. Its penetration has entered but not emerged. Therefore its vibration continues its wonders to perform. A troubled wind is oiled. A swaying branch dislodges its fruit. A famished one is nourished. The market place is a-thrive. Strange breads and salt are vended. Buyers there are none. A pitcher of water reflects the Sun. The thirst is mighty but the Sun is reflected undisturbed. Maggots will grow if the pitcher is not emptied. Who will tilt and drink. Question?

Q: Who or what is the pitcher? What are you referring to?

WE: WE are painting pictures before us-abstractions, no. The field has been searched, the garden is a-bloom. Prone beneath the heady buds lies a Waiting One. The waiting has a season. The awaited is known by the waiter. He asks: “Is it another? Is it a rose? Is it a bird or bee? Is it a lamb?” He knows he waits. The Awaited may have arrived–if he knew its substance. Into his ears, no word will issue. His eyes shall tell him not. His fingers search and return weeds. Yet his core will light and he will sound.

Prone no more, he departs the garden, casting blooms in his way. Beneath the bitter berry is a sweet seed. The knife enters the flesh and lays open a pulsing heart The heart is removed, goldened, and replaced. The knife is heated to close the gap. The flesh is renewed and unscarred. Into a pearly gray bag was placed a black stone. A stranger appeared, laden with bags useful link. When he departed, the bagged black stone went with him.

John: (He asked a silent question re the Waiting One.)

WE: The shorn sheep gambols in the wind. His nakedness is not an affront. The shearer takes his offering to the maker of great cloaks. Thus is man warmed.

John: Can the new Mother Book be called the Creator?

WE: She is the Mother. Now comes the Renewer (Death). He stands in a large crown. He holds forth a skull. He holds behind him a scepter. The eye-sockets in the skull form the symbol of eternal life. He is masked. A dark cloud over-hangs. The Sun is behind the cloud. It rays seven times.

He is unclothed but for a loin-cloth and a cloak tied at the throat. A jewel is secured by the knot. Outside the crown, a woman leans in. Her face is buried in the cloak. She kneels. Inside the crown, a man squats. His back is seen and he looks over his shoulder. The man and woman are naked. Woman on left to viewer, man on right.

The mask is a red cloth. A yellow jewel. The Renewer’s flesh is blue. At right is a well that is circular. It has five rows of stones above the ground. A chalice with three handles stands on the well’s wall. On left is a garden. Two trees stand therein. One is leaved, one not. The one without leaves bears fruit-fruit ten in number. The Renewer reveals.

In the ensuing brief discussion, the relatedness of the symbols described in the Renewer to earlier topics was noted. The well, the Sun, the seven rays, the figure 8 of eternal life, the crown, the mask, the skull, etc. Of particular interest was that there were two trees in the Garden-as in the Garden of Eden. If the one bearing ten fruit was the Tree of Knowledge of Genesis, was the one that was leaved the Tree of Life? and was it, therefore, related to the Thinker (the old Devil card), who sat in a tree with leaves but no fruit? But what, then, of the tree in fruit and flower in the Unity Book? And why were the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge-if that was what it was-ten in number? The number heretofore emphasized had usually been five. There had been mention of five lost treasures. There were five jewels in the crown. From whence and why ten fruit? The real point, however, lay in the meaning of the Renewer itself. The revelation was ‘”the Awaited One”-or that for which the Deliverer and the Changer had opened the way. Intellectual questions were not the point. That which was real was felt.

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