Session 33


February 26, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Rosalind.

WE: Hail to the Conquering One! A cover has settled o’er all. When the cold abates, when the heat warms, when the light shines ’tis time for uncovering. Lethargy o’ercomes him who remains covered beyond season. The Changing One is to change and be changed. Stay not with his ministrations. Stay not progress of any nature. Flower with the Word and it will carry you. Then-in that day-you will carry the Word. At this point of time, let none other measure progress, or time, or activity. Is there a question now?

John: Was the “missing element” the coming shepherd?

WE: The missing element, so-called, is not a shepherd. Its quality, however blog link. (This related directly to the forthcoming Book, the Changer).

Q: What of the eagle? Is it part of the same idea? Is it related to the shepherd, etc.?

WE: Many aspects are applicable.

Q: The animals you’ve talked of fit with the various chakras, don’t they?

WE: WE will wait on this.

John: By the “stone in the idol’s eye”-did you mean something like the “mote in thy brother’s eye”?

WE: Definitely not a mote. ‘Tis much more. It is flaw-less. ‘Tis a weapon.

Q: Would you explain more about the stone in the idol’s eye since it seems so important to understand?

WE: No lasting edifice stands without the stone. No builder is without the stone. A foundation without the stone shall topple all above it.

Rosallnd: In what sense is the stone a weapon? (Her weapon was the stone).

WE: One’s SELF is secured with a weapon. Each is and has a weapon.

Rosalind: Please say more about the stone or weapon.

WE: In battle, the warrior keeps his weapon at his side well-oiled, in working order and at ready. Shall you do less? His weapon is not a thing-apart but is as a part of himself.

Rosalind: (Asks about a stone she has seen in meditation, fat, thin and pale green, covered with inscriptions. It looks Atlantean or Mayan or Aztec. Is this her weapon?)

WE: The relatedness of all things becomes so apparent at certain vantage points. The small scene permits of a larger one.

(She had not grasped the significance of the stone as a “weapon.” It was not a literal thing or object. But the relatedness of all things was being pointed out as a further clue or guide-mark).

John: Is there anything particular YOU would care to word on this table tonight?

WE: In the mouth of the Lion is lodged a seed which must pass out and germinate. If his tail is tweaked, he will swallow it, alas. If he is beset by wolves, they will steal it. He may knowingly pass it to a planter. Its fruit can juice the world. Unplanted, the seed will be a husk-dry and heavy. The Lion may then beget cub-but no more.

John: What is the seed? Is there an actual planter? Would YOU be specific, please?

WE: Our proddings will continue in this plain language till it is done and, when it is done, our plain language will be seen as that, and WE will be forgiven.

John: May we have the next Book?

WE: It is here. He is the Changer. (Juggler-Magician.) He stands on a sphere. He extends his arms. His dress is brown and falls not below the knees. He is unshod. His toes grip the sphere. One shoulder is bared. The one on the right as viewed. An eagle is perched thereon. The eagle sits at rest and is hooded in white. A red jewel gathers his dress on left shoulder. He is graceful and fair. One palm is up, one is down. His arms extend not up but out and to the side. In the up-palm is a white flower. Water falls from the down one. No vessel, though. His dress falls freely. No girdle. On his breast is pictured the symbol of the table without word, of course. (The double-axe). It is woven into his dress. The day is clear without sun. Spread before the sphere on a cloth of gold are these things: a stone, a curved blade, a two-headed serpent, a pear. Nothing else. The eagle has drawn blood from the shoulder-three drops. Is the Book clear? He is on a plateau and the blue sky dominates. Signification cannot be said.

When John painted the Changer, he painted the brown cloak as a shepherd’s cloak-since this had been part of the session earlier, as had been the eagle and the stone. It was, of course, especially meaningful that the symbol of the double-axe-drawn intuitively and without conscious intent-was the symbol woven into the Changer. The double-axe, incidentally, had been done in color this time-blue.

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