Session 32


February 22, 1963
Present: Rhom, John and three visitors: Mayfield and Benny (mother and daughter), and Lenore.

Lenore made the care of retarded children her life-work, and was presently taking care of a retarded child named Carrie. Mayfield had been teaching a class at John’s house at Carmel Highlands in hand-writing analysis. Both John and Rhom attended her class, but this evening the other students did not arrive so they decided to do a ouija board session instead, especially as Lenore had expressed concern about Carrie.

Lenore: (Silently questions about Carrie and what more she should do for her.)

WE: Twin peaks do not a mountain make, nor a summit. The cleft between is a vital fissure. The up is not equal with the down. The foundation is ice. Fire descends to the twin peaks. The ice does not melt, yet it darkens. None comes to the peaks. A demonstration of faith produces more. Quietness produces now. The triple activity is needed; fire is lacking. The extremities wither for warmth. A star rises, falls, and rises again. The Moon is sunned. The broken branch is not a club but an oak when re-planted. It flowers not but fruits. The season of rain is short, the harvest heavy. Success is not known as it is usually known. The planter has his own reward. Neither fowl nor fur shall know its limbs. Ask.

Lenore: (Asks another silent question).

WE: Unfrock yourself. Stand revealed. That which ye do is done in the revelation. As your cloak falls, your weapon goes into action. Naught stands against your weapon. A battle is not waged, yet there is victory. Carry on. (Pun on Carrie).

John: What is Lenore’s position with Carrie? Please explain.

WE: You have asked for and been given. The gulf between the two must be filled with the fire. One torch must kindle another. You are not the fire but a kindler. You are not the keeper of the flame, but the releaser. Spark the lack, fan it hot. In the resulting blaze, light issues. Plainer WE cannot be.

Q: At this time is Lenore proceeding in the right direction with her tape-therapy?

WE: Carry on! The vase is shattered. Flowers it will not hold, nor water. The gifted one gathers the fragments and pictures a mosaic.

Benny: What can I do to further my spiritual development?

WE: Well said. You are now well lighted. Tent not the light. Be wary of robbers. Should one come, burn not. Shine only.

Q: Will Mayfield’s plans proceed with success?

WE: The victorious warrior enters the fray with fears, yet is not overcome by them. He fears but is not afraid. Thus your battle is won.

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