Session 31


February 21, 1963
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Rosalind and a visitor: Jim.

WE: In the wake of the wake a bloom rises from the ashes. Fragrance none has it, nor protection. That which was needed was the bloom’s rising. Peace has settled into your valley. It has come on bidding. There shall be no peace while peace is with you. The explosion is a-rumbling. In white heat it is done. Then ye shall know peace. What will ye?

Jim: What is the nature of peace?

WE: Peace comes only to the Knowing One. He who is aligned with himself is at peace.

Rosalind: What is my real purpose here?

WE: WE cannot speak of your purpose but you can know of it. When it is known of you, tell it not out. When you are about that purpose, it will be known. You seek (now) rather a temporary direction. Step out.

John: Would you talk on reincarnation and what it is?

WE: A backward glance only. He who looks over his shoulder when the Sun dawns sees only his shadow; likewise at sun-setting. Noon is upon you-so dwell not in shadows for they are not. The Sun is overhead. Her rays strike the head, enter, and fire another fire, exploding. Sit not in the noonday Sun. It is stirring time-not siesta. Be about your business. It is all about. It calls to you as you call to came you. WE, too.

Rosalind: Have we any relation to the B’hai movement? (B’hai friends had been much in evidence lately).

WE: A ribbon threads its way through several pillars. You have one end of that ribbon. You have a connection with the ribbon, not the pillars.

John: Tell us about amnesia.

WE: YOU have not forgotten.

John: Then how does one unlock and remember?

WE: The unlocker is in the throat. Concentration is not the way. There is a proper function. The throat is connected with reversal as it is with all things now for you. To enter the locked door, the key is found and used. Confuse not the key with the door or the one who unlocks. Ask. Two things are here being discussed. The energy from the throat is not the explosion.

John: What is the explosion?

WE: It shall wake all sleeping.

John: But what can be done to release it?

WE: It has been said. Steady as she goes. Be not run through with the sword ye hold.

Q: Could we get another Book tonight?

WE: Later. Once there was one who desired. Day and night he desired a needed thing. On his death-bed he asked for it and it was given him.

John: Do you mean that I have asked for myself a personal thing?

WE: Once there was a promised land-beyond a great and roaring river. To pass into this land the traveler-having no boat-cut down a tree, carried it to the near bank, dropped it to the far bank, crossed upon it and reached the promised land.

John: Would you tell Rhom something? He is so modest that he never asks.

WE: He shall stand under and as H. He shall go forth H 5. He shall be aided by another. He will know this meaning.

No one ever discovered the meaning of the letter H during the course of the Carmel sessions. However, it is said to form part of the name of God, also to be related to the hub of the wheel of the Universe.

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