Session 30


February 16, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, John, Rosallnd, Bill.

Questions had arisen following the Deliverer session which were to be asked and in some measure answered this night. Nadine was shortly to depart on a round-the-world trip to India and Egypt. The main destination was, however, Egypt, to which she had felt ever more closely drawn since the dictation had started six months ago. She always-or nearly always-wore at her neck a pendant containing a golden scarab, and it had often been remarked that in profile she resembled Nefertiti. However, thoughts this night were centered on the Deliverer and on “that which is to come.”

WE: Thus are gathered a goodly number. Profit ye from one another. Bring to the fore forces; in strength open the avenue. Admit horses even. Sweeten the stench of pale blooms. Words shall be writ, thoughts unknown shall be known, the secret place shall be visited, the flame shall be heaped. The Waiting One becomes impatient. There is a stirring. Energy lives on. The Waiting One would beckon you. Recognize the sign. Do its bidding and ye shall be comforted.

Rosalind: Who is the Waiting One?

WE: The point is well taken. You are loved. Know this.

John: Would you please give us indications of the future since we are apparently suddenly cast in a huge change?

WE: This can be the period of fulfillment, each in his way. Strict adherence to the given leading will result in a kept promise. The period is not without its tasks. Some ye know. None will be burdensome. The opportunity will be there. An alert one will not miss it; the drowsy one will. Sleep not in particular quarters.

Nadine: Do you have any helpful suggestions for my trip?

WE: See the coin as having two sides. There is a double meaning to all things. Let no influence present one side.

John: (Asks silent question. He was thinking about the rope in the well, letting go, etc.)

WE: Take an eight, separate it, uncirde it. That which stands can support you. -Who will sing? There is a song sung in the lower region which shatters the confines. Its sincere note rises through the layers. It reverberates the branches and the bird will fly. -Think on this: Who is the greatest in the kingdom-the King or the Fool? Can you be the Fool in the days to come?

John: Are we going into “crises”?

WE: Yes-that is the complete Fool.

John: Am I correct in the goal I have had for centuries?

WE: Let none tell another of his goal. A man’s goal is known to him alone. All goals, by their nature, are glorious. If otherwise, a goal it is not but a diversion on the way to the goa1. Each seeks his own. It comes not from another-is what the earlier words mean. Suffice it to say: the goal of One is rarely known.

Rosalind: Do all have different goals?

WE: Each sees the Sun with his own vision. Hark to the trembling in your being. The stirring waxes strong. Suckle your own and they shall feed you. The seed has rooted. Uproot not your planting if you would bear fruit. Now it is given to ask and another to say; to one to do and one to done to. ‘Tis a reversal merely.

In that day feed not the chatterers for no nourishment is there for them. In that day council not among others deaf. In that day bare not hearts to the heartless for nothing shall be pumped to them. In that day light not him without vision. Be still.

Rosalind: When is that day?

WE: That day is well past cock-crow. The noon is upon you. The Sun must not set and find you wanting. Long are the shadows of sunset.

Rosalind: Is there an important event due affecting all of us?

WE: There is! Now has come the time to extract the meat. You must eat without aid. The kernel has been served and oped. EAT!

The group was still interpreting things literally. They thought that the event referred to would be happening in the immediate future. They did not realize that the day “well past cock-crow” referred to a more extended period affecting all of mankind or rather those seekers who followed the “given leading.” The time was “well past noon.” In an early session it had been said moon-period was man’s noon; star-period man’s twilight period. Evening or the star period was yet to come. “In that day” was yet to come.

Now was the time of preparedness, for “the Sun must not set and find you wanting.” Was the end of the age predicted here, a kind of Apocalypse? Or rather that “reversal” occurring at the end of an age which would open into a new beginning under the sign of Aquarius? Aquarius, traditionally associated with the Water-bearer, was in ancient times symbolized by the Phoenix. Another kind of light would be shed on this with the giving of the Renewer Book (Death), and the Knower (Judgment or Resurrection).

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