Session 29


February 10, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John, Rosalind.

Tonight the first Book was to be given since the Royal Maze, a month earlier. The Deliverer was to contain the fourth of the five cups of the Tarot or the Grail-the cup of fire. The cup of light had been given with the Virgin; the cup of fluids with the Way-Shower; the cup of wine with the Royal Maze. Now the cup of deliverance….

WE: The blue receptors are in motion, living fires are consumed, vitals are bathed in flames. The stones melt; a white ash remains. They are cupped, carried aloft, scattered and take root in oceans.

Children, parentless, seek the Mother. She is busy begetting the Sun. He is now with the world, his cord is severed, he will soon speak. He will speak of the Mother. The lost will have been found. There is a brook over-hung with sweeping branches. A wise One awaits in its shade. Long has he sat thus. He waits. When the Awaited comes, he will give up his treasure and rest. Many are the ones who would wrest his treasure from him, but he speaks not to them. The birds will sing when the Awaited comes. The Wise One will see the brook reverse and brighten. When the treasure is passed on, the brook will dry. It will then a-right. The Awaited One will cross the brook and journey for a season. The Deliverer is at hand.

Q: Who is the Deliverer?

WE: Picture a woman seated on a stand. Standing behind her is the lion. His forepaws rest on her shoulders. His head is a-top hers. His tail curls the stand. In front of the woman is a vat of fire. To the right is a man. He holds in both hands, raised to his lips, a cup of fire. He has drunk the flame. The grass-around his feet only-burns.

Two circled serpents, joined as eight, are suspended in the sky. They flame brightly. Clothing there is none, nor ornamentation. The ocean is seen. Still is it.

The serpents center Book. Woman is in middle, man right. She faces you; man profile. High above are the serpents. They extend from center equally.

To left of woman there is emerging from a black box a golden serpent. He is straight as can be. His open mouth reveals a forked tongue which is blue. It points to the center of the Book. Woman has golden hair piled high on her head. Her beauty is serene. Her hands are extended into the flames and may or may not be seen. The man is youthful and comely. His features are enflamed. The man holds the cup to his lips but the fire has entered his being. The downward fluid lights his center. The light goes not to his legs. The lion is truly lion-colour. His mouth is shut. The Deliverer is the name of the Book (Strength). Its meaning is that which is to come to each. A word or two more to aid in this presentation: She is not the Deliverer, nor is he. The flame is. The fire is as you know fire. To some all fire is blue. You may wish, therefore, to have some blue flames. The serpents, however, are light with fire-not blue with flame.

John: I know a secret!

WE: Thus is the Deliverer known.

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