Session 28


February 6, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John, Dean, Rosalind, and a visitor: Lorna.

WE: Singers in small numbers are ye. Counterpoint there is, and counter-harmony, too. The song is different. Harmony now. The song begins, the instrument sounds. The Sun lifts her veils slowly, in season, though. Her radiance graces the dampness and a blossom breaks forth. Three leaves twine. The bloom is black and sweet. The honeybees alight to probe its deeps. Filled, they fly to the West. They will not hive but will drop their jewels in the ear of Kings. When the Sun’s season returns, the veil will lift higher and other blooms and honey-bees will be produced.

To the table has come a bringer most welcome (meaning Lorna). She will sing her song at another time in another place. Her song has but one note. Its magic is in the spacing of the notes. Low and vibrant is the key. It shatters not but, rather, anneals. It is heard. Throughout the third world, it is not heard. It stirs not the emotions. It is unaccompanied. It is produced in the lungs. In a bell-like mantle, it falls upon the intended. It is actually worn for a period. This period is as incubation. All hail to thee, singer!

A race is indicated. Remember the pace is slowed now. Open the vault, draw forth the bright stones, search among them. Select one that awaits you. Replace the others. Close the vault. Do with your chosen as you will. Caution: do not mouth your stone lest it be swallowed. This has been done. The Lord spoke to his priest: “What shall I do?” He answered thusly: “Cast your eyes to heaven to see what can be put aright. Cast your eyes to the dark regions to see what has been put asunder. Cast your eyes within to see if aught is amiss. Should something be seen that displeases my Lord, you have it in your throat-the method of change. Speak out your command. All is subject to the Sovereign.” It was done and the Lord marveled at his strength.

Q: Why the delay? Why have the Books stopped?

WE: This is the time of change . . . change of many things. Some have changed, some must, some will. The Books remaining for record will come in their season. Your acceptance of this period was expected. We are not disappointed in you, but pleased. You may expect, in your turn, remarkable events as you record them.

John: (asks a silent question regarding “mifteha,” the Arabic word for key).

WE: WE speak most softly to the question: time there is none. The heart holds not the answer, yet it is close to the heart. Dual action shapes one activity. A knowing is needed-a need is known. You must not speak softly.

Rhom: (asks a silent question, not explained.)

WE: An oft-repeated refrain dulls the ear. The answer is written. The answer is known. Lacking now is the will to perform the act. The circle widens. The center still has its point. Point-and circle not. Review the record from the one point-not from the circumference. Be not a man without a country forever wandering the shores. The point is your land. Find it. It is close. Leave it never–or roam always. A tear glistens on the table. The smile is not far behind.

Lorna: Can anyone ever help anyone?

WE: All help all. WE help others and sometimes never know it. It is proper at other times to offer help. Patterns have their season, also, with a sun and a moon. The dawn never breaks out of time. He who bends the path of the Moon is broken in trying. Meddlers there are in number. None are here gathered.

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