Session 27


February 2, 1963
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean and a visitor: Bill.

Everyone wondered why no Books had been given since the Royal Maze. But evidently other matters had to be focused upon, including the throat. Also the giving of the Maze Book had left everyone with something ponder upon and attempt to unravel. John had painted a chain of three gold links at the top of the Maze due to the emphasis on triple, the thrice-repeated symbol, etc. Bill, a friend of Dean’s, had arrived from Ojai and was to stay and become a part of the group.

WE: The silver beam has entered the throat. Softly and bloodlessly it has found its mark. The penetration has been fulsome, yet a while it shall linger. Its egress shall be unnoticed. It shall go forth and will return to another vital.

Quit now with thoughts of the Royal Maze. The Eagle has centered. His wings outspread, his talons grip the sword and he beaks the rose. What is the question.

John: (Thinking of the Minotaur and Crete). What of the Bull at the Maze’s center, the turning of the Bull?

WE: The bull has been matched. There was battle none. A refrain: High from the bills came the wind song. Out and down it whispered. Into the valley of deafness it swirled. It sought a cup of reception. None heard but one . . . a gentle lamb. The wind song drew and the lamb with it and then the shepherd followed. This refrain has been heard by the lamb this evening. The shepherd will come. The feeling of greatness is upon you. This is a burden to be well worn. Shed not your responsibilities, fear not your activity, yet question well your admittances. The table rings with song this night. The song emits from all things seen and unseen. The outer layer of all things touchable vibrates to the melody. If you stretch forth your body, it is bathed with music, oh magic night! There is a stirring felt in sleeping regions. Great must be the full awaking. Neither din nor force shall accomplish this. The awakened One arises. The sleeping one sleeps. There is an an arouser but he wakes not up. Have you a ditty to be heard?

Dean: Do you have a message for Bill?

WE: There is a Book for this one to be read. This Book is in the possession of a woman close. A chain of events will commence bringing you to the red people. Your gift-bringing shall earn for you a key to a mystery. You will remember. You will re-create. You will do what another cannot.

(Later Bill was to join Nadine, whom he had just met. She was a quarter Cherokee, a quarter Choctaw, and half Irish-hence the reference to the “red people.” With her blond hair and green eyes, Nadine did not show her native American blood, but she had very high cheekbones; also her chants sometimes sounded AmerIndian.)

WE: Do you wish to return to the awakening?

John: Why did the mirror in this room break? Was it to do with awakening? (A huge mirror had actually broken that day.)

WE: “Mirror, mirror on the wall” . . . . The Self will be seen. Remember for a later time the throat. You have seen the image cracking. WE will do away with reflections then.

John: You mean I can’t see Rhom any more as my reflection?

Rhom: (To John, in surprise). I see you!

WE: There is tragedy in misunderstanding.

John: Then you had better be clearer.

WE: Be not tragic. The exercise continues. A strengthening results and you know it well. Purity of form is revealed. No muscle binding. The development is sure. The Rosetta stone is rolled away. A burden is lifted. A free soul flies onward. Yellow eyes, unblinking, number the years. Through the portal enters the recorder to the chamber of scrolls. He goes in aloneness. He unfolds the past. That which is writ, he wrote. It is read now, and, re-written, the scrolls are wrapped again. He leaves the chamber and seals the portal. The wheel turns a revolution. Face to face shall the meeting be. In that day shall ye be known of each other. Masks shall fall away. Words unuttered shall find homage in the breast. Caps will be exchanged. Up from the deeps shall rise truth. Through the dark corridor the light streams and the words will sound. And it is sure then. The day has a number.

Q: Could an actual date be given?

WE: YOU will bring it forth now or later as you will. Certain cloudings or obscurities in the mind must lift. In a future day, man will speak of it and wonder. Now you think of it and doubt. This will pass with the clouds. As these words are, their meaning is recorded in your deeps. See them there and understand and be governed by them. Then shall rulership be restored.

Nadine: This sounds Egyptian (thinking of the Rosetta stone, and the recorder of the chamber of scrolls who might have been interpreted to mean Thoth- Tahuti).

WE: WE speak in many tongues but say the same thing.
Mark this well: Ye shall walk unafraid.
Mark this well: WE are with you in all things.
Mark this well: It has been given to you to do.

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