Session 26


January 27, 1963
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John.

WE: A symbol, a symbol, a symbol. Thrice repeated a symbol imparts its meaning true. The maker of symbols is not wiser than the one who reads its mearnng. Each to each has been given the word pictured. The symbol good and the symbol bad are one. A period commences of symboling, creating, casting and dispersing. Not all will function samely. Search out the symbols. Take those which are yours-enter into them but become not them. Wear them as garments, use them as tools, share them as aids, conceal them not from others yet be wary in your dispatch of knowledge for some are yet babes.

Treatment of events a must. Happenings are precipitated from the well- springs. Now is the season for permitting no return to the very same depths. The up-brings are to be handled in a manner different from the recent past. Think not of degree of rightness-rather act in accord with present entity. The unrolling scroll indicates differing states in the face of mirrored Being. See the image and the caster as a unity. BE the caster and the image. None other sees the mirror.

The rose . . . . A foreign gardener has entered the field of the rose. He has snatched a few petals and placed them in a row. Each petal is laid flat, and, where there is a tendency for the petals to curl up on them-selves, he has flattened them most definitely. He takes a rose thorn most pointed and proceeds to cut thereupon a message. Such treatment is foreign to the rose whose function is beauty and sweetness. The gardener will depart the field with the petals. He will use them in a way known to his land. The rose-less a few not-vital petals-will once again grace the field.

(Pause to decipher and discuss. What a very strange message about the rose! Like many of the tales given, it had a parable-like quality yet was obscure and baffled analysis. After coffee, the session continued).

WE: The kiss is bestowed to the throat. No embrace accompanies this holy ceremony. Immediately thereafter, the throat is concealed. When the heart is bared, the throat vibrates in song.

The initiate slays the priest as is the custom. Thus is the Word ever renewed. ‘Tis a loving and not a hard act. Peace will come to the table of kings. The toast shall be fuilsome of stars. The royal mirth shall ring the land. Subjects shall become freed men. Each shall have a horse and an ass. To each shall be given his chains.

A pulling and a pushing now produces activity whereas it formerly produced conflict. Taken separately, the complexities are reduced to utter simplicity. The Maze is no longer run but paced. The gait of the journeyer has peculiar- to-itself rhythms. Each travels alone as himself in his own shoes being careful not to walk in another’s track. The secret of the Maze is not found in a track. WE will deal with other Books at a later time. If questions there are none, WE will close.

John: I wish to ask about what now is to be done by me. That is, I have through hints gotten certain ingredients such as that it involves reversal, a body center to be opened, the legs, the letter R, but there is yet something I do not “get.” Do you know what I mean? Will you hint?

WE: WE do. The points mentioned are all correct even to the “something” that is still to be done. The thing is in your throat and shall come forth. That which is to be done by you cannot ever be done by another. To record for future reference, list now the points: reversal, legs, R, something to done with throat not to be done by another. Can you list another? WE will wait for its coming. When the ruler submits to his physician, he is recovered.

John: Where lies the physician?

WE: He is with you.

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