Session 24


January 2, 1963
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean, Rosalind, and three visitors: Pat, Roger and Jared Mays (Pronounced Maze).

WE: The challenge has been made. You will return to the line of your retreat. You will cross the line and journey into the land of twisted roses. You will not go this way again. There will be no need. There is a gnawing rumbling in your midst this night. There is a trembling and a quivering. The very foundation shakes. Rocks are hurtling upward prior to the eruption-not lava, but boiling blood gushes out. The purging is long over-due. Straddle the fissure and ascend with the flow. Stay not its course for your life. We would speak to the Bearded One. (Jared Mays, age 18, was wearing a beard). He will speak first.

Jared: May I know when I was born?

WE: You have asked this question well, and, not for the first time your life has begun. You were started an old man. You must now progress to your youth-a period never known by the Bearded One. You must take up your childish heart and put aside wisdom not yours. There is fruit growing on low branches for you that others cannot stoop for. Maria will aid. (Maria, as it transpired later, did not indicate a person but rather the Mother, the ocean, the Creator.)

Jared: Will you tell me about the events that occurred in Ojai in 1959 and what meaning they had?

WE: Gather to yourself other pure ones. Play with them a season, then it will not matter your companions. The time you speak of is another time. Now is THE time. Pass not by the fruit and leave it hanging. It will not ripen ever again. A blue light has tabled. WE will speak now of its bringer. Center yourself in that light. Follow its upward plunging to the depths of the universe. Fear not. The return will benefit.

Roger: What is the sound in my ear?

WE: Through a long, dark night you have wandered. Neither stone nor zephyr guided you. One by one your toes fell off, your head sagged on your breast and you cried out most heart-breakingly. On and on. Stop by a still place and be overtaken by that which you seek. It draws nigh. It must find you reposed. How joyous the meeting! A mother bursting with gladness shed tears, one to each cheek. In a moment of time, the twin tears were gathered by a snowy raven who nested the jewels. To this day they gleam from the high place.

Pat: (She asked a silent question, not explained to the group).

WE: Picture if you will two hands. They are cupped upward and have no arms. The fingers are strong, capable. They must uncup one day and touch as fingers can. Just to touch. The rest will follow. WE would say further to the sister gentle: a host awaits. How fortunate for all! Something is lacking. Who will fill the void now?

Jared: Who or what is Maria? Does it mean someone here or there?

WE: The ocean is Maria; Maria is your heart. She is found everywhere and would know you. She calls you Son. She is your Sun. She waits. How long? Ask.

Rosalind: Would you please speak about my book of Big Sur history?

WE: Would you deal with primaries?

Rosalind: But the book is primary.

WE: You will not. As WE have said many times, WE cannot incline the twig. WE strain to withold the lumps. Love does triumph in the end. Here is one that refuses. Let it not he said there is one who lost out. The stallion is to be pastured. He is to be led to the still water and made-yes, made-to drink. There is a drifting now. Rest and gather again. There is more if it will be brought forth.

During the ensuing coffee-break, Rosalind felt very annoyed by the answer she had received and said so. However, the point emphasized was that the WE of the writings was not concerned with mundane matters, which were thought of as secondary, but only with primary principles-the teaching itself.

WE: A twicetold tale suffers in translation. Only once can the heart be pierced. Who will run the message through the tangle to the Sovereign? Will one?

Dean: I will! How do I do this?

WE: Place it ‘tween the teeth, free thy hands, loose the straps and flee. Astride not a beast, run not in shadow, spring the hurdles. Read not the message; it is for another. The Ruler waits. His crown hangs in the balance. Quick, ere the light dims!

Dean: Where do I get the message?

WE: You have been given it.

Dean: Tell me about last week’s message when I was away, the target and trigger, etc.

WE: The finger is curved. Another stays your hand. The target is ahead and straight. Think not another stays the finger without permission. Should the finger atrophy, how terrible the beast’s havoc! Be alarmed at these words. Be not fearful.

Rosalind: What is this crown of white candles I am seeing? Does it have to do with Dean?

WE: The ruler’s crown is of thorns. When browed, its meaning is clear. Is there more before stepping into the next Book? The Book is called the Royal Maze (the Wheel of Fortune). There is a large circle. Within it, a square. A cross quarters the square. Within the circle are seven smaller circles. They are within each other. Each is of a different color-you to arrange. Diagonal lines through square. Two lines. There is no entrance nor exit to the Maze.

Center circle is white. Contains crown. Five jewels on crown. Looking down on crown: ruby, emerald, diamond, turquoise, onyx. Crown is viewed as a circle also. Jewels split the visible line of crown. Above circle there are inter-locking links in a row. Gold. Two lions hold large circle aloft. They stand on hind legs. One is white, one black. Their tales entwine at bottom of Book. In top right-hand quarter of square a sail-boat. One mast. A torch is in left-hand top. An upright eight in lower left. A cup flowing down remains-up and tilted slightly. Flows wine. Destiny is the meaning of this Book. Field is yellow.

What a curious coincidence that the Book of the Royal Maze had been given on the night that Jared Mays (pronounced Maze) attended a session for the first time! Clearly his connection with the Book of the Maze must have been a deep one. The group remarked, in the discussion afterward, that more had been written about the Royal Maze than any other Book-for it had been referred to from the beginning. The Maze and its unravelment, and the “royal mix-up” that occurred in ancient Egypt-perhaps also on Atlantis at the tail-end of the age of Leo, the Lion, since it was a “twice-told tale” -was clearly central to the Tarot and the story of One.

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