Session 23


December 29, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John.

Vigil lights were lighted before the Christmas teepee. It was a quiet night, close to the New Year. This year had been more eventful than had been anticipated. Or rather, although the group had anticipated a great event February -the date astrologers had predicted a worldwide catastrophe which had failed to come to pass-the commencement of the message on ONE in August had seemed to more than bear out the impressions received in meditation at the beginning of 1962. The group had expected not a catastrophe but a change in consciousness affecting all of mankind. A symbolic star had been seen. Was this star the presentiment of the Way- Shower, -the Star of the older Tarot? And was it like the Star of Bethlehem? However, no one felt that the Star betokened -the birth of an Avatar-or the second coming of Christ-in this time-period, but rather that it heralded the birth of the star of avataric beingness in the “many,” whose name was legion, in the onset or dawn of the Aquarian Age.

It seemed significant, also, in view of the early part of the message emphasizing the Lion (and the recurrent emphasis on the Lion in symbol throughout the Books of T), that the dictation had commenced when the Sun was in Leo-the sign opposite to Aquarius, and the one in which the Sun rose at the vernal equinox at the time Atlantis went down. The meaning of the “reversal” was thus doubly emphasized. Yes, it had been an eventful year-even though nothing of an outward nature had happened February 5 when seven planets were conjoined in Aquarius. But this had been the start. Perhaps the “New Word,” along with the Way-Shower, betokened the actual commencement of the Aquarian Age. No one spoke of this this eve-but the awareness of it was present, as was the awareness of the Christ.

WE: Take heed. The words will spill out. There is on the threshold a challenger. Mighty is the challenger; mightier are ye. Give quarter when it is fit. Move not in fear but stand firm in His blast. His form is familiar and you are not a stranger to Him. His mode is pleasant, so now suffer a thorn for salvation. Light a vigil lest ye miss the challenger. ‘Twould be sorrowful to have Him visit you unawares. Have heart at His coming. Give Him not the nod nor His due.

A curious retreat is observed; ’tis better to advance. However, backward progression is recognized when the obstacle is insurmountable. All retreats are time-consuming. It is well to study the obstacle to determine its insurmountability rather than retreat because the obstacle has been encountered. Compassion rings its cloth and you are washed in its blessing. Into the soil sere and hard, the water of compassion muddies and births a shoot. Compassion’s second season fruits and multiplies. Hold your cheeks up to its fluid. A rare jewel, this. Mother-love enfolds you protectively. Hurtful things sting less because of this covering. Naked yet will ye stand. The slings may enter for you to bear or they may be deflected by your weapons. In either case, ye shall have the strength to yield or to wield. A promise: you shall not go under. If you be drowned, you shall be counted but shall rise. Tears would crack out ‘neath open eyes. Pain pushes them not; neither sadness nor misery, for misery in-draws and goes not out. That which has no beginning does not exist; that which has an ending never was. Where, then, place the blame for cracking tears? Are they found by lifting? Does plumbing sound them: Will compassion uncover them? What then?

A question of many angles may be squared now. WE will take the uppermost which is at the bottom of things: “Whither goest I?” Into the Maze you have stalked.

Q: When did we enter the Maze? This life? Previous lives?

WE: Having entered previously, you were not babes about it. Babes terror at the windings and fright at the furry things. You entered the Maze-each and all-at the age of four; or, to say it differently, at the same time.

Q: What age does that make us now?

WE: You have placed at a distance childish things. Know that these childish things are beyond grasp. Through the Maze you are winding. Light your lamp if darkness is met.

Q: How does one light his lamp?

WE: Know what the challenger is.

Q: How do we find YOU?

WE: ‘Tis truly a Maze. The way is open. The opening is wide enough to admit you but nothing else.

Q: How many of us are in the Maze? For instance, since you say Rosalind is in the forest, is she in the Maze?

WE: The forest is in the Maze. You are within calling distance of each other.

Q: What section is each of us in?

WE: Does not matter.

Q: What is the Maze?

WE: The Maze is the binder and the freer of One. He who enters is allowed to. Always be mindful that certain things have been left behind. Q: Like what?

WE: Childish things.

Q: That is relative. What do YOU mean by childish things?

WE: Those things which do not become you. Should a babble arise, hold on to your Self while your droppings fall. Let fall the limbs. Remember only “I am I.” WE will not review a Book this night.

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