Session 22


December 26, 1962
Present:Rhom, Nadine, John, Rosalind and a visitor: George.

George, who had at one time lived at the Highlands doing errands for John Cooke (who could not do them himself due to being in a wheel-chair), had come to visit from Santa Barbara during the holiday season. He was a pianist, much involved in spiritual studies and meditation. He had been away from Carmel for the past three years and everyone was delighted at the re-union. Yet otherwise sadness was felt this eve.

WE: Pushed aside have been the bearers of promise; the displacer has been the bearer of woe. The woe-bringer has a numbered season; its harvest- time foretells a rich seeding time. The harvest song has a melody low and full. The choir is vested in sticks. The song shall go up in smoke. No flame shall warm the gatherers-of-woe’s song. It shall lighten. Be not down-cast. In your circle is another WE would acknowledge. Will he speak?

George: Thank you for the acknowledgment. I am indeed happy to be here.

WE: A ringing ring is rung. The ring both in sound and form has import to this one. The double ring of another day has wed this One. The search continues for the crystal ring. It will not be found in substance. Read these words well. Heed those which ring. Your ear is particularly tuned in this direction. You might listen more attentively with benefit click this link here now. Question?

George: You mean by “wed this One,” who?

WE: “One” is you.

George: What is the meaning of “substance”?

WE: The crystal ring can be considered as a weapon for you. More WE will not say.

George: Am I known to YOU?

WE: WE have known the One who is called by a name to be tabled this night. It will be called to you when it is rolled out. Pressing thoughts can be handled simply.

John: I want to know why the dream I had Christmas Eve of a close friend of mine being dead? (The person is question was not dead.)

WE: The indicators are pointed in the extreme. Do not differentiate; handle only-for the situation there is neither a positive or a negative. You are the handler and not to be man-handled. The situation involves the Devious One and not the Honest One. Ask.

John: Does this dream, then, indicate the last gasps of the Devious One?

WE: The battle is to be waged. Into the arena has walked a lion. No martyr is to be thrown him. He will pace its extremities and will find neither victim nor exit. When he roars his wrath, the gate-keeper will remove him a lamb.

John: This means I must know how to use my weapon (the silver horn). How do I use it?

WE: When you use your weapon you will know what it is for. WE are not playing with you in this matter. When the weapon’s use is known, the wisdom of these words will astound you. Have you finished with the matter? WE think not.

John: Is there a message for the “missing one?” (Dean).

WE: There is. The barrels are loaded; the finger is curved to speed on their way the shots to find the mark. WE wonder why the missing One puts not flesh to steel and releases the shots? WE would never send on its way a mis-fire nor present a target that was unsuited.

John: Do you mean by the “missing one,” one who misses the target?

WE: WE speak plainer than that. It is not uncommon for another to stay with the marksman’s finger.

Picture with us now a basket or a bucket or a well. From the interior darkness, a rope emerges. It meets the light above the curved rim. Its rise is constant yet slow. The rope is yellow in color. Picture it, please, as WE continue. The coils are tight and many. Without aid, the rope progresses upward. The viewer knows not the distance the rope will travel upward. There is a force which moves the rope upward from the darkness. Place yourself in this picture at any point at any time. See the similarities. The exercise may be practiced with great results when proper quiet is achieved. No more.

George: What is this symbol when applied to a male?

(George drew this symbol and Nadine copied it down in her notebook.) The being who has this symbol in his heart has a viper which will strike through the protecting prison walls.

George: And what of this when applied to a female?

WE: The bearer of this symbol has lived through the fire and the cold. So conditioned, such a bearer can approach perfection unafraid.

George: Is this the symbol for the merging? (He draws)

WE: A false symbol. The merging would result in a circle. A tale is told: A tale is told of twins who, identical in form, lived with a tiller. The twins are called Troy and Troitus. Mother they had none and father never. It was said they were dropped by a she-bear. Under the care of the tiller, they grew through their youth. When the army rolled through the lowlands, the twins followed to gory battle in far places. Troy felled many, Troitus none. The war’s end returned the twins to the tiller who knew not Troitus.

Q: Is this tale told for George?

WE: It is a singular tale. (No further comment was ever made on this tale and no one ever understood it. It was the most enigmatic and indeed “singular” of all the tales told. And was Troitus George’s name? Or Troy and Troitus? It had been promised that his name would be “tabled this night.”)

This table has not been cleared. A morsel or two remains.

Rosalind: Would you tell us of the big mistakes we have made lately?

WE: Think not you mistake not. The mistakes have a wrinkled origin. The convulsions of this period are the squirmings out of the past wrinkles. The only mistakes made in the present period have been of not listening. Even now ONE speak-and not all hear always. There will forever be a rat gnawing at the vitals of him who listens, hears, and obeys not.

John: (Thinks in silence of a magenta colored garment he was given in meditation).

WE: No. WE will deal with that Book later. Start it off, John. She is the Feeler (the Empress). She welcomes the reader with open arms. She stands. Her golden tresses circle her breasts. She is beautiful, of course. She is girdled in a golden skirt. It is opened, showing legs. No shoes.

A serpent, small in size, circles each ankle. Metallic.

John: How does her hair circle her breasts?

WE: Right side as viewed, circles from in-out. Left opposite. On her head is the sign of Venus-is crowned. Crown is a black circlet only. Red is color of Venus symbol. Arms in welcome much as in embrace. She is flanked by cypress trees of the type seen in. Italy. Two trees. It is night. Stars twinkle and form the constellation of the Crab. The Feeler is the prime mover. No more.

In the ensuing discussion, the group commented on the fact that the Feeler–the former Empress-must be related to the female symbol given earlier in connection with the so-called “Indian rope-trick.” If so, the Actor, her male counterpart dictated in the previous session would be related to the male symbol given. But, if so, in what way? The S meant the creative being, also the serpent, and was the first given letter designating both the Mother and the Hanging Man. But what of the two V’s or pyramids? One upright, the other inverted, and each one with a “tail?” George was puzzled but somewhat impressed. He returned to Santa Barbara a few days later, wondering as to the meaning of the crystal ring.

John’s version of the Feeler seemed to embrace almost with an octopus-like clutch. Was this, however, what was meant by the embrace?

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