Session 19


December 12, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John, Dean.

The group had decided to hold an LSD session this evening instead of a ouija board session, partly because it was nearly Christmas time when a high spiritual energy came through as the winter solstice approached. It had been a sacred season in many ancient cultures and even today, as John recalled, the Taos Indians held their most important secret kiva ceremonies in preparation for another year of fulfilling their mission of preservmg the Sun. But also they hoped that under the hallucinogenic drug they might see the Self more clearly as had been suggested. Seated in front of the blazing fire, their experience had been a high one and at 12:30 a.m. John and Rhom decided to get out the ouija board.

WE: The revealer has been with you and is with you still. He has permitted and is permitting glimpses of truth. Beauty is everywhere, as you see. Nothing is what it seems; everything is as it seems. There is more, my family, for you. Fortunate are ye. The face of truth is not seen with ease. The shifty look will vanish when the face of truth is reflected. A kiss is upon the land. Sweet is the embrace of the One. Bitter-sweet the memory of ye who remember.

Lift your smiles again. it is the feeling again that generated Being where your emotion was not known of. Love and love alone was. This state shall join your union. WE would give ye this experience in full but ye could not survive its terrible beauty yet. Ye have known in part as ye know yourselves. The day of fullness is awaited. If ye could but jump in and drown yourselves in this love WE have for ye, how happy you would be! Your happiest hours would be as black sorrow by comparison. The point is well made. Are there others?

As there was no discussion or comment, the group parted-”to sleep, perchance to dream.”

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