Session 18


December 8, 1962
Present: Rhom, John, Dean, Nadine, and a visitor named Irene.

WE: ‘Tis the night before revolving centers foregather. Stayed for a season is the influence of silvered mercury. Revolving centers open avenue of watery flow. Take your place in the congress. Much ado about something. Travel. Return to scenes of battle, glory and disappointment. Each makes such a visit in manner individual. The return is the on-going. Sweet is the perfume this evening-light but penetrating. The senses reel not but waltz. Strain not this night, for the meal at table will be fulsome and satisfying.

(Pause. Irene asked if she could ask a silent question and was told that she could. She did not divulge the nature of the question, but found the answer pertinent.)

WE: A tale is told: People wondered about the Dweller in the Wood who was seldom seen and heard only in the season of harvest. At harvest-time, a mournful wail was heard over the wood and meadow. High and piercing, the song dirged through the nights. The wood was not violated during this season for fear edged the area. In whispers was the Dweller talked about: “Man? Woman? Beast? What is it? Have you seen the Dweller?”

A child entered the Wood one day in harvest time. When the sun fell into the far branches, the child remained in the Wood. The Moon lifted in the near branches and the Dweller began to sing. The child followed the song into a bathed clearing where a radiance shafted upward. Into its center stepped the child. The song rose and the people afar wondered as never before. When Venus faded at morn, the song ceased, the light departed from the clearing and the child left the woods. Never again was the harvest-song sung. But the child lives yet.

The Jester has asked. WE say to the Jester: You have played at court and found favor. The ruler has now come to the end of your Book. Unwise were you during this long day at court for not learning new games. He tires at repetition. No-where in the court can your games be enjoyed for the first time. Unwise were you-but need you remain so? Either a jester be not, or-if that you will-then a new crown must be tipped in your direction. The Jester is not easily known. If the Jester is ONE-and there is always ONE- the Jester is above all wise -and quickly sees to the heart of the matter and continues to smile though his heart breaks. ‘Tis another matter. WE have spoken to the Jester.

(During the coffee break, it was remarked that surely no human being could have been the giver of this message. The strange tale, in itself was too remarkable to have come from any but a beyond-the- human source. No one saw it then except as being connected with Irene, the visitor. Its universal application was not seen until later-after the 22 Books were finished).

There are other matters this night-songs, reports, answers and more. You have a visitor, a sister dear. Placed on the table is a morsel for the hungry and a drop for the thirsty. The table is above ground and dogs and swine sup not at this table. Spread now is goodness. Intravenous feeding must take place for those you bring to this table. The table is portable. Feed the multitudes.

(This statement was to be remembered and become almost a motto when the Tarot Books were completed and people began to swarm in to the house at the Highlands like bees to the hive).

Up-river comes a bark. The current rushes down river yet the advance is steady and sure. The landing will be made. Ashore will step the bringer of bright stones. (Peter-Andre’, who had come earlier and was to return). Should a stone fall in your midst, treasure it. If you will, hold it in your hand, warm it. Pass it on if you wish. Many treasures have ye. WE will tell you no prophecy. WE report only. John, will you be assured? You are then. He says you have not removed the stone from the idol’s eye.

John: Explain, please.

WE: The center remains open, no matter what has been said to you. You did not blind yourself. No, it was not at another’s hand. The stone fell in its season. Now comes the bringer of bright stones. WE have many buried treasures. It has been said all your treasures will be known again. You are the one who must speak and WE will report only. Much is to be said of this episode. On it balances much. Another matter: The Virgin roams the wilds seeking lovers. Her feet are at last unbound. The chaste yoke is behind. Swift is the flight, sure is the direction. Matings there will not be. Lovers will be sated at last. Shall we make Book?

A stronghold appears. It will be pictured; there has not been one like it before. This is the Book of the Citadel (the Lightning Struck Tower). One atop another rises seven circles. They form one structure like seven balls on top of each other. They are the same size but for the cap. It is slightly smaller but its radiance is blinding. Each is a different color. At the base is greenish. A Book is pictured-closed-in the center of the base circle. Next circle is halved-black and white. Black top, white below. Each section contains a smaller circle of opposite color. Circles are not centered as you know (making yin-yang double sign). Beneath top cap is a blue circle in which, standing on its tail, is the serpent. Such a nice serpent! Important! Serpent stands gloriously. Beneath blue circle is a red one. The figures of Unity Book in circle. The figures fill circle. They are as pictured.

John: But if they are going to fill it, they sure are tangled together!

WE: Good. A torch centers center circle.

John: What color is this circle?

WE: Yellow. Torch has a base that could be held. Below that is a lion with tail in mouth. He circles circle. He is within circle. No special color. Top circle dazzling white that radiates in circles like -a stone dropped in a still pool. Circles seven extend from top to bottom of Book.

John: To keep all those in it looks like this Book will have to be bigger.

WE: Keep same size throughout Books. At left is an extended sword on which is a crown, jewelled, point within crown. Black sword. On right is staff, white. The bottom sprouts roots, the top bears two tiny wings. This is the Book of the Citadel. It signifies completed man. Background a dark blue-black at top which descends to bottom in lightening tones, till at bottom it is a clear blue. The Citadel is your stronghold. Its structure is complete and feels no lack. It is unassailable when structured in this manner-and WE have answered well.

The group was definitely excited by the Book given in this session. It related to the shaft, which had been identified with Dean originally, and the golden fruit”-in which the mistakes of others had been placed one on top of another in reverse order. The Citadel reversed the former order of the chakras, placing the serpent, known as kundalini, at the brow or third eye chakra instead of at the root. It also related to the reversal of the Nile and the Hanging Man. Unlike the Lightning Struck Tower, its predecessor, the Citadel was “unassailable.” Did this mean that the legendary maxt tower of lost Atlantis had been struck by lightning, symbolically, when the serpent had been placed at the base of the spine instead of at the brow? Or, was it at the fall of Atlantis that the serpent was “cast down” to the root? If so, why and how? Then, also, the whirling lion at the solar plexus chasing its own tail, its tail in its mouth, seemed significant and to relate to the “lion that lost its tail.” It was fascinating but confusing. Each Book, each session presented more parts of the puzzle, yet the mystery continued, ever deepened. Each clue led to yet another clue on this curious treasure-hunt, and the more one understood, the less one understood or so it seemed at this stage of the “game-not game.”

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