Session 17


December 5, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John, Dean.

WE: Broken are the teeth that held fast the staff. Loosed is the substance which will nourish this generation. With all, a most vigorous unsettling. Fairy frost at the windows betokens good fortune. Magic are the times now, magical are the happenings. The Doer has been activated. The table is sizzling. Ask what you will this night. Some answers are bound to satisfy.

(John asked a silent question relative to being a complete unit in oneself the joining of opposites, etc. He was thinking about the Hanging Man-but his question fore-shadowed the plight of the Thinker to be given this night.)

WE: Proceed as directed. Given to you have been two keys though the door is single. One key opens the door in the preferred direction. Both keys will open the door. Verily WE say to this One: Stay not the flow, stop the leakage. Created now are the ones to carry to conclusion the matter which causes lions to walk with other lions. Over all lies a mantle of fog through which the Sun is coming-the Son is coming!

Dean: What advice do you have for me now? What direction? Am I on the right path?

WE: How quickly the traveler seeks the path when aware it is not underfoot! Such a one leads by miles him who knows not about paths and where they lead. WE answer direct, though advice WE have not. Sit not still for that which is to come. Move to it in equal measure as it comes to you. It is not a matter of climing greener fences, but hurdling all obstacles no matter by whom or what erected. Circling is not progressing. Be sure that a direction, if followed, does not lead the traveler back to himself. You are to go onward.

John: What of Rosalind’s intended move? (She was planning to move to Carmel, so as not to have to journey so far to get to the sessions at the Highlands.)

WE: It is well for this one to move along. Tread lightly down the ahead path. Avoid the holes that are abreast the way. The holes are for droppings only. Into the first hole you encounter, discard that which you have outgrown. Let others with less stature wear the garments that suit you no more. Take with you bread and water. The compass is in your breast.

(This seemingly personal advice is retained because of its universal quality. This has also been true of other such passages except for those used purely as examples of method.)

Q: Are we to be given another Book tonight?

WE: The next Book will cause confusion. A start is made. Taking up a large portion of this Book is the Thinker. Around his head, a chain encircles twice. The ends of the chain are hanging forward and downward. He sits in meditation. His eyes are open but blank. He sits on the topmost bough of a small tree. On left-hanging chain is a heart. His left. Other chain is pulled upon by male and female figures. Circling in opposite direction of chain and above head is a triple band of light.

Sky red-very red. Bands are yellow; chain is blue. He is reddish. Figures are black and white-man black, woman white. Chain on forehead. Left chain behind ear, right in front. Heart is large but not on ground. Figures are on ground. They are at edge and not near the treetrunk.

Figures straining at chain. They face the Thinker. Naked figures. The Thinker sitting in yoga position-arms in lap. He is clothed by the tree. Leaves only-no fruits or flowers. Fire is in the sky. Could be one or more flames. A serpent climbs the tree. It is finished when WE thought it would not be. Good. The Thinker is the Book’s name. Old Tarot–Satan. Significance–error. No more.

John: Any final addenda?

WE: Heart is one key. Goodnight.

The heart was one of the two keys referred to in response to John’s silent question at the beginning. Was the other the two figures? And which was the “preferred direction”? The confusion warned of was already felt and would continue to be for several weeks. It was as though the old Devil card were a tester, perhaps a reflection of the “Stern Commander” or a reverse “Jehovah”-which is to say an error or a lie. Much later the word error was discovered to signify vacillation-indecision between the opposites–or “err-or.”

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