Session 16


December 1, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, John.

WE: The fore-telling time. The pages from the rear are in the fore. Sun worshippers have taken their place. The unwinding scroll is read fully when flat. Scrolls there have been. Double X has had a meaning. A mystery symbol in your time and even now. The scroll unrolls at this moment. The time of reshaping has come. Shapers are many, forms are many. Not all forms are pretty nor are all needed. There are shapers and shapers. What will you?

Take a leaf from the Book of Old and profit thereby. This meaning writes obscure but reads well. Soon WE will get on to other matters. Picked up is a tie out of the Royal Maze-a babe then, now desirous. The ray of love is seldom perceived and often misunderstood as having flesh. The day- break of the New Morn is founded on the proper perception of the love ray. Babes know it not-neither man nor woman. The mystic alone knows the reality of this ray. More skipping back and forth from times known to now-and ahead-causes the hands to limber up, strengthen and become useful. The string may dangle you about a bit, but think well of it. Things are difficult this night. The reason lies in your midst. The difficulty will be handled. A centering storm-happening has torn the lid off. Scattered on the floor and spilling down the carpeted stairs strew the bright beads, the heartbreaks. Humanity is truly heartless. The baubles are more than that to you-a representation and more, a symbol and more. The Stern Commander threatens more than the thrones. He is after-your soul, you think. No attempt to scrabble for the baubles will mend the broken threads. The mark has been left, the scar is visible on all levels, the Commander exits laughing.

Do you see now what has happened?

Pressure spots have been touched this night, and before. It will happen again in this game WE play with you. None is exempt from our administrations. All are to be benefited. The deeper the thorn, the harder the pull but the richer the blood. A troubled area is visible and may be looked at with merit. It lies within the personality of one.

Q: One here?

WE: Yes. Will proceed if that is your wish. It is not OUR wish but WE serve only. The trouble relates to a construction. This construction is produced from a lie or, better said, from that which is unreal in the real of that one. There is that in all and all are troubled. There was a time when the bead of you, the real of you, the spirit or soul of you, was thought to have been taken away, or lost, or destroyed by one called the Commander (or somewhat similarly called). Tears have been flowing for floods over this lie. You are intact! The Commanding ONE is yourself and you cannot rob any longer that which is never apart from yourself. WE would shout into your ear-yes, shout-YE ARE WHOLE! Get with it!

The breath of life is in your hands, the spark of death, also. Quicken the new birth and fan the spark that the passing past is laid at rest. Desire above all the Sun.

John: What has this to do with the letter R?

WE: The meaning of your symbols comes later, if at all. Nothing is unrelated as you know.

John: Will you give us the Sun Book tonight?

WE: This evening, yes.

Q: Something comes first. What of L.S.D.? (The Beatnik period, soon to be called the hippy movement, had started in San Francisco, and there had been much publicity about L.S.D. Tim Leary’s work was becoming famous at this time. Dean, who had recently returned from San Francisco, was interested in experimenting.)

WE: WE cannot talk about L.S.D., but WE can say this about YOU. You are always the same Self. Sometimes you see yourself more clearly. You need not worry about methods that allow you to see yourself without dark glasses.

Is there no question?

(Pause.) The Book is open. The Book is held by the child. The child holds the open Book in the center of the Book. He is seven years old-fair, clear. He reads not Book. He shows it to be read. Symbols on the pages are indistinct due to size. This is purposeful-each reader of the Book sees his needed sign. Two tassels hang from the Book. Held in the center of the Book, they are markers. One holds the Book open. The other is in the section not yet read. Child is he. Not seated, standing. He wears nothing. He holds the rein–not reins, really, but a tie to the horse on the right of Book.

Black, meek horse, four feet on ground, facing child. Horse on left faces child. Two -feet upraised high. White horse, rearing horse. No tie. Full manes and flowing tails. Horse on left of Book stands with two feet on skull-human. Horses are in middle ground, child front, not separated, though. Tie to horse on closest foot. Bright Sun above in center. Sun has characters, rays too. Vistas almost endless. They stand amidst flowers, symbols of beauty here. All kinds of colors. He is the Doer. Represents right activity. Letter will be visible to the wise ones only.

The session had been intense. All realized that the unveiling, the talk of the love-ray and of the “Stern Commander” was related to the Doer-the Sun Book. But a shaking-up process was going on which was not easy. A matter of seeing the Sun-the Self-without dark glasses?

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