Session 15


November 27, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John.

The symbol placed on the board this evening came from a discussion of the rose, the lily and the thistle -yet formed a star radiating from an Egyptian ankh-symbol of Life. Dean was still away.

WE: Prepare, watch, record, report. Tale-teller sings refrain of nobility disunited. Crowns lifted and reversed, mantles switched, scepter mishanded, throne upturned, the ruler is naked. The Royal Maze is entered from the North. A winding path leads Eastward, South, reverses. A path runs Southwesterly for two paces, twists East, rests at a Northern point. The Maze wanders carefully to the South and rests. The reversal Northwards brings the Maze-follower to mid-center where no visible path is seen. Darkness postpones journey through Maze. It will continue when morrow’s dawn lights. The feeling prevails of a successful passage at last. The celestial period approaches. Does this provoke questions?

(In an early session, the star period had been referred to as “man’s twilight period”-but the group did not catch the reference until later.)

Q: What is a celestial period?

WE: A time when those bodies around planet exert influences in magnification. Understand that magnifiers center everywhere. Nothing-but nothing-evades the influence. Few vibrate harmoniously because of lack of understanding.

Q: What indicates, in astrological pattern, this magnification?

WE: A Star’s influence. Understand and pass period with wisdom.

Q: When did this period start and for how long will it continue?

WE: (The planchette traced this symbol on the board. It is the Egyptian symbol for bread or the letter T.)

Q: Will you talk of dreams?

WE: Inner awareness of passage of time-event, personalities and consciousness. This awareness is about to come leaping into the room of now. Great will be the transformation now while nothing visible appears to happen-yet the New Man will stand naked in glory. ‘Tis a promise seen dimly now.

Q: How can we better recall dreams?

WE: Requires total honesty and trust and willingness to do the work. Few have the courage though know it not. To help yourself BE your SELF . . . this is most difficult. WE have found it so. The purpose is all-important. You, John, have made a start. Go through while the strength of ten is with you.

Rhom: Tell me about desert places, please. (Rhom was strongly drawn to the desert, and had once been told that in prior lifetime he had lived in the Gobi desert.)

WE: Shifting sands shall unroll to you a path once trodden when thy feet were unshod in the coarseness of leather. A golden path leads eastward again to the Garden of your planting. The statues remain unbroken. Their bare heads are now heavy-burdened. The inscription is the same on all the statues. Your story. The song pulls you and ever shall to the day when the song sees the light.

John: Have you a message for the missing One? (Dean.)

WE: The missing One need not be told of the lack. ‘Twould be fine if he could replace the hole, though. When this is to be done is no concern of yours. None can breathe for another-even if the first few breaths have been forced through closed lips. The life-continuing process is a private matter. All is well. Do you prefer to start this Book?

John: (Looking at the axe Rhom had placed with a candle on the hearth log.) Is there a Book with the axe as its main symbol? Let’s have it.

WE: Much later. Do you see the light?

John: Oh, are we to have the Book of the Sun?

WE: Star. A still scene. A man looks down from the heavens. The heavens are a dark blue-black. His gaze lights downward, double-ray from eyes.

John: Like two searchlights?

WE: Yes. A waterfall flows from high left to lower right. Wait. A rainbow lifts over stream. Above rainbow, a cup–ornate–dispenses colored fluid. Cup un- held, inverted. Man at top in heaven. Head only. Cup is below head above rainbow, off- center. Cup centers bow.

He is the Way-Shower. He has white beard. Not stern-firm, though. Much yellow in this Book.

John: What lies below the falling water?

WE: A bridge or way-a passage over water. Could be of stones if you wish it so. A glimmering city can be suggested as the place led to.

John: Is it night, with lights on in the city, etc.?

WE: No night. Night above, light below. City is dazzling, if you like.

W: And the star? Is there a star?

WE: Yes, behind the head. How many points are for you to do. The Way- Shower is the name of the Book. No letter. Represents singleness of purpose.

Q: What about the two dice I drew in the Victorious One? Are they all right?

WE: You know what you have done and what you will do. Proceed and record.

When John painted the Way-Shower the next day, he added a cock in the foreground, crowing, to indicate the hour was dawn-and that light was coming, showering down from the heavens. He also added a thistle, a Masonic emblem–but, as had been stated, he was to add what he felt to do if so impulsed, as in the example of the two dice. The group discussed the path through the Royal Maze but could not make heads nor tails of it and never did-not even when the Maze Book was given later.

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