Session 13


November 21, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John.

WE: Twisted and tangled are the roots binding ye one to another. Some are deeply buried, others are air-roots shining in the light. A root is a root only, drawing its life from a common core–which means to say: ye shall bear a mighty fruit! A tearing process unfolds before you. It is as though the pages were cut apart rather than in two. The words long unread will then be visible to the readers of the Book. A needed operation for full reading will then have been performed. The tool must be kept clean and sharp. A ragged tear is unsightly. Red a color of import now. Have it close in any form or shade. To the new month red helpful only-vital no. Ask that question.

(No question was asked. If one of the group asked a question silently, he or she did not announce it).

WE: That which has been foretold will come to pass because it must. While you are living as people, people are not involved. This is a hard saying for the uninitiate to accept. You, however, are not in that group. A hard saying for all. Spacing of events most wonderful. The hands you are in are your very own. A further step needed. It requires that which has never been done before by an actor: reverse pattern. No more. Willingness to continue game-not game is a vital requirement of the players. There will be a winning team and no losers.

John: Will there be another Tarot Book tonight?

WE: It will be a Book of import. Draw a circle. A man and a woman are on this circle on the outer rim. She is on top lying on her back; he is on the bottom lying on his stomach-stomach on circle. Within the circle is a body of water in which swims two sea creatures. Put wings on fishes, facing the viewer. In left to right order across the bottom are a blade, a star, an ear of corn (corn off staff), a turtle with a bird on her back, and a tree in fruit and flower. The figures are unrobed and suggest simple purity. They must be clearly sexed. Is the picture clear that they full circle the globe?

John: Yes.

WE: Above are four phases of the Moon. Left to right-full first, new, quarter with horns down, quarter with horns up. The one called new” is the same as full but without color. Clear? One up, two lower, three up, four lower. Man holds full lily-like flower. Woman holds short wand. These holdings do not touch, nor should apart-ness be suggested. You place them just so. John: Are there any special colors in this Book?

WE: Moons yellow and one white. Flower is white, wand is black. Field of Book is red.

John: What about the fish? Are they in the water or flying above the surface?

WE: Both in water and air. At sides of Book are ladders. No letter.

Q: What is this Book called?

WE: It has been called the Lover. You will call it Unity.

Q: In what form are the blade and the star?

WE: Sword is straight. The point should be down. Five pointed star.

Rhom: It seems surprising the man and woman do not face each other.

WE: They go the same direction in all things.

Q: How ought this Book to be understood? What is its designation?

WE: Completeness and Unity are the names and purpose of this Book.

Coffee break while Nadine read back the message and the fifth Book that had been described. The work was becoming ever more exciting although the symbols and connections remained mysterious. It seemed significant, however, that there were five symbols at the foot of the Book of Unity — connecting it with the five lost treasures, the five fingers of the hand, the five members of the group, and the five-pointed star. Furthermore, it was the fifth Book given. The number five was becoming ever more emphasized-yet, at the same time, the four phases of the Moon were at the top of the Book. Four plus five equals ninee–and, it had been written earlier, “Nine contains the tale.” Did Unity, then, ‘contain the tale”?

WE: Hello. A ring, studded with light, encircles your vibration-containing it and returning it to its center. The ring is temporary. When it is dissolved, your influence will be unbounded. The ring is good now. The hoof at your temple is a golden one.

John: If it is all right with everyone, I’d like to tackle something.

WE: A two-way street accommodates much traffic.

John: (He asked a very complicated question about Salome, head-hunting, pools, the lion, the axe, etc.)

WE: It has been said: “Traced in the sand of your memory is the riddle’s unsolving”-and unsolved it will-and must- be if the darers but dare!

John: But why the pool? And why does sulfur water have such an effect on me? (He had recently gone to the sulfur baths at Big Sur.)

WE: Dig in the water. The past-known-lies in a watery grave. A headstone is to be rolled away.

John: This all has to do with the crocodile!

WE: Yes.

John: Is that why Gino (a friend of Dean’s) brought me the spiraling lizard’s corpse?

WE: Reverse it! The gift-reverse it!

John: Do you mean make the head spiral outward? But that will destroy the lizard.

WE: If it involves destruction, do it!

(John reversed the spiraling lizard’s corpse, then threw it into the fire to be burned.)

WE: Where lies the tale now? Tale-not tail.

John: It lies in the past at the center point.

WE: It does-but it should not lie in its present condition. That which has been put away should be in such condition that decay does not disease. The stone will roll away. The grave will contain nothing. The terror comes in the digging only, during which times tears and blisters form.

John: You mean that there is a literal grave to be found and opened? (He was thinking of Egypt with which the crocodile symbol was connected, also the lion and the “watery grave.” Was there a tomb beneath the surface of the Nile?)

WE: In the past only. The death involves the One to live forever. WE must say in fairness to you, son, this is your story but not yours alone. Your efforts to bare are as real as you can stand now. There is more required of you at another time–after you have witnessed the crocodile and the lion in combat. You can slip your weapon into the fray if you will.

John: What of the horn? (A silver horn was his weapon.) Is it a musical instrument? Or a bull’s horn?

WE: It is a curved horn, not a musical toy. Not a bull’s horn-but close, as you know it.

(Related to the symbol for Hathor, John wondered-or the Moon?)

WE will walk with you. Enough.

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