Session 12


November 17, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John, Dean, Rosalind.

Rosalind had finally gotten a baby-sitter and driven down to attend the session at Carmel Highlands. This was the first time the group of five had been fore-gathered in several months.

WE: Seeds are sprouting. Buds promised Will not wither. WE have grown since WE last gathered. It is bud-ding. Worlds are to be won this night. Storms will abate. Calm will be the atmosphere. Tensions will not be known. The wand of Athena will touch the brow and OUR work will continue. The warden has opened the steely doors. The Sun enters again and a butterfly wings in. The vulture departs. Relax. WE will pay a visit to the Garden now WE have passed the walls. The flowers have been plucked. The fruit stolen. Why has this scene been presented now?

There is a Garden known to each. At another time, you enjoyed the Garden’s sweets. Here you dallied and went forth. You let others tend the Garden and they did not. It was here that you were stolen from-each to his own nature. A stone was halved; a child was born not-born; a jewel was swallowed; a crown was given to another; light was darkened. Great was the loss! Sorely missed, these treasures. A pattern was begun to be repeated many times. It is well to visit gardens in and out of season. This trip most productive though questions have arisen. See the Garden in bloom and let the questions answer them-selves. YOU were there. Now WE are here.

(The planchette traced these designs around the numbers on the board, then pointed to the symbol chosen for the session. The original symbol evidently lacked only the circle (4) around the triangle (1,2,3,) to complete it. The group discussed the Garden for a moment. The garden “known to each” was clearly reminiscent of the Garden of Eden described in Genesis, yet was a variation on it. Had something else happened than was told in the Bible? The mysterious lost treasures-mentioned before-were involved. There were five of them. Which or who was which?)

The past is very dominant now. Yes, tale of past. A stillness is creeping into the mind of man. The spirit fades; glories of the flesh predominate. False gods proclaim their greatness. (Atlantis? The flood of Noah? No further clues were given.) A council of seven meet to bring the truth to the heart. This picture fades and a land appears, great with greatness. Rulers there were. This is a period you are centering on now. The Royal Maze confounds still. Before you were the pyramids. The child was born to rule though did not. Nor did the ruler. A father failed his children and lost himself, a song-singer wandered to the far hills and beyond, a virgin remained to flower the desert, the caster of spells mystic divided body and soul. Again patterns similar are seen and known. You may ask “Why this?” and WE answer: “It must be-and more.” Center again for greatest benefit. Now one question, well-phrased, will do much for centering. Ask.

Q: How best can we understand and benefit by this concept of the repeating pattern?

WE: Centered now. Thank you. Patterns have been repeated, exchanged, erased and picked up again on other levels. When understanding of present pattern is yours, all patterns everywhere will be known. This is near in some cases and nearer in others. The Royal Maze refers to exchanged patterns. The dual state is almost an accomplished fact. But how it is battled!

Q: Resisted by us?

WE: Yes.

Rosalind: What do you mean by exchanged patterns?

WE: Here today, gone tomorrow-now me, now you. The battle lines are drawn, but who will engage the Armed One? Shall the armor glisten in the Sun till dusk?

Q: Who is the “Armed One”?


Q: What do we battle for?

WE: Victory comes when WE are met.

Q: Is the battle new?

WE: No.

John: The battle lies in the heart.

WE: WE have drawn first blood.

Rosalind: What is the nature of this battle?

WE: Most terrible!

Rosalind: What is the goal?

WE: Victory-complete mastery of the Self. Do not holster your pistol!

Rosalind: How does one do this? Some must have been victorious . .

WE: You never have. You will. The Self must be known, loved and forgotten.

Q: By the Self you mean the individual?

WE: Much more.

Q: What is the Self?


Q: How is each to use his own weapon?

WE: Five fingers a hand make. Remember you are lost in a strange land. The language is only sensed. You are far from home. If you think you are home, you will never get there. The day came to each when he thought he would never get back home. If he but knew, one step more would have put him home. Always take one more step! Rest now. Return if you will. There is more.

During the coffee-break, the five lost treasures were discussed. The stone that was halved clearly related to the caster of spells mystic who divided body and soul. The child born-not born to the child born to rule who did not; the jewel swallowed to the virgin who remained to flower the desert; the crown given to another to the father who failed his children and lost himself; and the light darkened to the song-singer who wandered away . . . yet what was the real meaning behind them? What did they symbolize? What “treasures” of the one whole Self had been lost? As five they referred to the pentagram of perfected man and later were to be seen as the five jewels of the crown at the heart of the Royal Maze. Could they mean Being, Truth, Wisdom, Unity and Love, or did they relate to the chakras? Or perhaps refer to a literal story, long forgotten? The mention of the pyramids seemed to place the allegory in Egypt, along with the Royal Maze, yet it was also a repeated pattern which had happened before, starting with the lost Garden. And the Self? The “Armed One”? The “battle”? The session was resumed, everyone hoping for further clarification; but yet other mysteries were to come up, including the con- tinuation of the tale of Ruth, hinted at in Session 2.

WE: Starward fly thoughts of doubt. Better now except for balance. (The board had tipped between Rhom and John as they were seated on the davenport. They straightened it.)

Ruth is here and Ruth is fruitful. A child was born. He walked with men and beasts. The men, he tamed; the beasts, he loved. And Ruth wept. The beasts ripped the man-child’s heart from his body and left it. No man came near the living-dead. Ruth gathered the heart to her bosom and roamed the far regions of the world seeking she knew not what. After seasons of wandering, the living heart rocked. This stone was placed in a common spot for all to see and think upon. This-Ruth’s heart of hearts-reached the heart of all. You will see the day when this heart of stone is found and placed in operation. T-ruth!

Rosalind: (Writes question relating to how to make money and solve urgent financial problem on piece of paper.)

WE: Burn it-burn it! (Rosalind burned the paper in the fireplace.)

WE will report that we have with us the lost who is found. A wilderness- seeker has quested strange blossoms and found not the fragrance. Only in snowy peaks are found the flowers desired. There–in the cold purity of ice–can such rare blooms be preserved. The peaks have been stormed from above and below.

To scale the top, naked are the feet so that blood is spread upon the snow. You have dropped your crimson. The petals are exposed. Why hesitate ye? The night is long and bitter cold. Pick your treasures. Leave the peak through the center. Descend to your fellows. Strew your petals. They will forever bloom in pure places.

Rhom: Was that an answer to Rosalind’s question?

WE: WE could say “pick up your marbles” in another way. WE may now proceed with the Book of the Virgin. Do not connect Books with entities. Now ask.

John: Have we this card in the modern pack?

WE: Yes. It has several names. It has been known as the World.

John: Please describe this Book.

WE: As you know it.

Q: Is the Virgin in the center?

WE: Yes. She holds in each hand a ribbon which twines around her. Her head is uncovered, her limbs are seen, her breasts are open. One ribbon in each hand. The streamers pass in front only. Viewed from the rear, She would be nude. Clasped in the toes of her right foot are two rods. Her knee is lifted and her legs are spread. A ring of red flowers circles the Virgin. A star with seven points appears near her feet. She is not on the ground, of course, nor is she in the sky. You know how to do this. Twenty-two flowers. Five leaves only, spaced equally. The flowers are like roses.

John: What does She wear on her head?

WE: Wait . . . . One feather which sweeps down could be called a plume, is a feather, though. Left-right of Virgin. The color of the feather is yellow. The ribbon is white. She has dark hair, neatly long. Corners: Lower right corner–a red apple. Upper right corner–a child. Face dual. As to sex and color, face left-boy is black. On right-girl-is yellow. Is on left of card. One head, two half-faces. Okay? Left corner-cup, chalice, golden with light streaming from interior. Cup’s base is at top of card, light descends. Simple cup. Bottom left-hand corner-lightning- struck horse. Four feet down, facing in. Profile. Color of horse-black and yellow, Streaked.

John: Like a zebra? WE: Not so uniform. From underside lightning strikes stomach. Comes out on back. Letter is O.

Q: This is represented by the circle of flowers?

WE: That is O. Name is Virgin. She is open-eyed and close-mouthed. She is calm in attitude; her arms are at her side, gracefully. Her function is Being-Beingness. That is a Book with your names in it. You are written of in the Book of the Virgin. Each Book is complete, yet together they are a Book. You have been written of in all Books-though not told this before now. Clear? Rest now.

The session had been such a long one that there was little discussion afterward. Was the Book of the Virgin connected with the strange tale about Ruth? She must be. And the Virgin wore a feather-like the feather of Truth (T- ruth) of Ma’at? Or the ostrich plume of Isis? It was impossible to know at this stage. The feather was yellow-the color of the Sun, also of the solar plexus chakra. But what of the heart that rocked, the heart of stone? The enigma of the tale of Ruth and its connection with the Book of Being (the Virgin) was to remain an enigma throughout the sessions. Could the heart of Stone “placed in a common spot for all to see” be the great Pyramid of Giza or the Sphinx? If so, was it connected with Atlantis and the Atlantean secrets said to have been preserved in Egypt?

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