Session 11


November 13, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, John.

WE: Steady-steady-while the winds blow the willows flat. Steady and yielding be you. That which passes, passes. It leaves behind nothing to be remembered. Change is constant. To resist change is suicide of spirit. Flashed before you have been pictures of up-coming changes. All shall be affected but the dead. Be it known, resistance is seen. Be it further known, there is no ill wind. The Archer appears. He has no quiver. Shooting bolts of liquid fire, he destroys the demon at the portal. The demon dies a thousand times and rises yet again. He is not to be destroyed, finally, but elevated. (This was the blue demon lurking at center” mentioned in the opening session August 17. The ego? Or kundalini? Probably kundalini, for, in the Book of the Citadel, given December 8, the serpent of kundalini is no longer found at the root chakra but is “elevated” to the brow chakra-the ama or fire center. Flame, as is explained later in connection with the Deliverer Book is thought of as “blue.”) The one following the Archer elevates.

WE: Think not lightly on this saying: it will come to pass again. (Referring to the “twice-told tale.”) Smoother now goes the wind past the willows. Good. Locked in the heart is a secret, sacred something. The morn of unveiling breaks cleanly. A rosie purity shelters the humble. A rod of grace is bestowed the faithful. A garment of crystal decks the just. The feast follows the fast-and Love triumphs.

Do you see how the play is played, oh lovers?

You do–and that is good.

The lover is never sated, his object ever eludes, his fulfillment is not known and this is the way of things. From world to world he loves onward, creating futures. Such a grand creation! How profound the direction: “Love ye one and all.”

(Everyone noted the mis-spelling of “rosie.” Neither John nor Rhom spelled it this way. It seemed very clear tonight, as, indeed, it did always, that they were not dictating the message–and that, in fact, no finite human being could have written it.)

May WE lovingly serve you this night?

John: May we continue with the Tarot?

WE: You may prepare for another Book.

John: Will you give us the card most helpful to us at this time?

WE: Well said! The Virgin.

John: Is this the name of the Book?

WE: Yes. The preparation period is now; the Book to be read later.

John: How do we prepare?

WE: The message of the night will prepare you if studied properly. Book to be finished at another time. Your ready acceptance is gratifying.

John: About the Hanging Man? Is the flower painted in the correct position?

WE: You have done what you had to do. (Questions John asked about his rendition of the Books were invariably answered in such a fashion. He was also often told to color “as led.”)

John: Is there anything more on the card?

WE: A mark is needed in the lower right hand corner-like a signature, but not that. The reason is your personal identification with the card. It is not on any others given to date. The mark you select is your very own.

John: Why the tears on the Hanging Man?

WE: The answer is never given for each questioner has been given the answer and it is burned in his being. Each knows and weeps also.

John: What has B’hai, the Bab, Bahaullah, etc., to do with the messages and with the Tarot? (At an earlier time, John had been strongly drawn to the B’hai movement. Several members of B’hai had been among recent visitors at the Highlands.)

WE: The thread is van-colored and is woven into a cloth the world has long known. Let no man claim the cloak as his. Many wear it for a time and pass it on. WE-though unimportant-will one day be known of you. (This last statement seemed to imply that the “WE” was one of the cloak-wearers-but did it also mean that later “it” would manifest? The remark was enigmatic and could be interpreted in many ways. However, it was clear that there is only the ONE cloak-that it is passed on from wearer to wearer and is woven of the threads of various religions and teachings.)

John: What can we do for YOU on this level? Is there anything?

WE: Yes. When so impulsed to accept OUR teaching-if that is what you call it- follow it. When impulsed-whenever-share this gift.

(Pause, Silence.) The hawk of night has just swooped into your midst, gathered a shower of stars, and is now separating them throughout the world. Blessings.

In discussing the session later, the group realized that the preparation for the Book of the Virgin was connected with the message about the “lover . . . his object ever eludes, “for the Virgin, Beingness, was that elixir which was sought in the cup known as the Holy Grail. The cup had been spoken of in the session of November 10 prior to the description of the Hanging Man. “The contents virgin, unchanging differed for every man.” On this night, the Cup seemed very, very close. And, in the next session, the first of the five cups of the Tarot was to be described in–and “on”-the Book of the Virgin.

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