Session 106


Bolinas, California
April 12, 1969
Present: Legion, Given, Lorna, Gayla, and three visitors: Pablo, Dr. Ralph Metzner and Rebekah.

By this time, Legion and Gayla’s small book explaining the new Books of Tarot had been published and the 56 minors were being completed. John had flown up from Mexico with Pablo for a visit and Given (who now called himself Bill) had come up from Southern California. Ralph Metzner, psychologist, had written the introduction to “T: the New Tarot.”

WE: Here WE are. So?

Q: Are we still in the Maze?

WE: WE are not.

Q: Where do we go if we step out?

WE: In.

Q: What is Pluto?

WE: The tail.

Ralph: What is moving?

WE: ONE in motion.

Q: What kind of motion is needed?

WE: Awareness.

Gayla: Awareness of what?

WE: Who asks?

Gayla: Gayla.

WE: Gayla.

Gayla: Meaning self-awareness?

WE: The ALLNESS of Gayla.

Gayla: Does this mean not being aware of other selves?

WE: Included. It has been said: he who says he knows, knows not.

Lorna: Can you say something about the infinity symbol?

WE: As symbol it is a snare. Do not get trapped in infinity. (The infinity symbol, or figure 8, had been placed on the back of the cards.)

Gayla: Would you elaborate on the meaning of number?

WE: As you work with number, remember the unit of one. Three is one. Two is one.

Gayla: Are all numbers one?

WE: All is ONE.

Legion: Is there such a thing as zero?

WE: No.

Q: When we ascribe qualities to number, are we mistaken? 1,2,3,4, etc.

WE: It helps. It is a way of judging. Judge not the way of awareness. One is one. Two is not division but one. See not your Self as other than whole. There is not becoming but only being. Three is not trine but one. The purpose of number is not to divide but to encompass.

Lorna: What about every snowflake being different?

WE: There is a multiplicity. There is, through this multiplicity, ONE.

Gayla: Would you speak about the elements? Fire, earth, air, water?

Ralph: And what about the fifth element?

WE: Make not a mystery of the obvious. The trick is ever simplicity. Throw off the tinkles. Hear the roar of ONE. Do your thing. Let not your thing do you. Swing with your doings. Do them knowing the bareness of ONE. Clothe your thing as you will. Keep in mind the nudity of ONE. Should another see your thing as mantled, let him. It matters not for you. Know the make-up of your thing as the expression of ONE.

Ralph: What’s the meaning of pain?

WE: This is not yours.

Ralph: So what do I do about it?

WE: Look into the dark pool. Look for the light that the dark leans on. When that light is seen, in-draw it through the dark. That which is not yours will not remain. That which you claim is yours-the burden of woe-can now be dropped. The mooring needed before is not needed now and this you know.

LEGION: Is the Great Event imminent?

WE: Yes.

GAYLA: How imminent?

At this point a sudden wind whipped open the heavy door beside the group and night air rushed into the room.

WE: Take a breath. It has taken place.

The extraordinary wind as if summoned billowed the curtains and swirled dead leaves and rose petals over the floor. It swished at the newly printed TAROT spread out on the card table and whirled them over the yellow carpet helter-skelter. The seven people seated around the ouija board remained motionless; each sensed the Presence this wind proclaimed. For an eternal moment they waited unquestioning, transfixed in timelessness while the wind blew through the room and through them. Then silence came. The wind departed as suddenly as it had come. A supreme quietness reigned. Nobody spoke. What questions were left? The wind had blown in the WORD OF ONE.

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