Session 105


Xiutepec, Morelos, Mexico.
February 16, 1966
Present: Legion, Given, Janas, Tomas.

WE: Foremost is. Decide that which you are for. Ask.

Legion: What now?

WE: Now is the period when the found box is unlidded. A clear gaze is required, a stout heart also. The contents issue forth powerfully. That which is before the issue and unlike the issue will not survive.

Legion: What is the issue?

WE: That which has awaited the unlidding. Your box is not like another box. YOU are its contents.

Legion: Please say more about this.

WE: Listen well to this: A certain man went to the place of hiding for treasure. Disappointed at finding a bare box, he discarded it and searched forever more for his treasure. You have traveled to the hiding place and released the box from its niche and opened it. In it you have found that which is like a mirror. One steady look within has told you of YOU. The box has no importance as you issue forth. Is this clear?

Legion: Whatever the mind creates, it creates. “It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” There seems no more than this, all being a crazy product of the mind.

WE: If you look in the mirror and do not know YOU, then you are as the certain man forever more searching his treasure.

Legion: Sorry to be so pessimistic, but even that treasure is a thing of the mind. There is no treasure.

WE: One is as One is, but one must know ONE. There is no point in knowing unless one knows.

This final session, in a sense, traced full circle-from the time in Carmel when the sessions had started out as a kind of psychic treasure-hunt within sight of the locale of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” on Point Lobos. Here, in Mexico, the box was found and unlidded and contained nothing except that “which is like a mirror.” A few days later, Given left Mexico for Bolinas to be joined soon afterward by Tomas. But the sessions were not resumed. Everyone felt that this phase of the work had definitely come to its end and that there was no more to be writ-but only to read the Book that had been writ. Following the exodus to the North, John-Legion gave up his house in Xiutepec and returned to Cuernavaca, where he remained for several years before building a house in yet another Indian village.

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