Session 103


Bolinas, California

January 14, 1966
Present: Given, Legion, Lorna, Sweet Timothy.

Given and Legion had flown up from Mexico after the New Year for a visit with Lorna, Sweet Timothy, and also Gayla, who was now living in Stinson Beach, a few miles south of Bolinas. Many questions were to be asked in these nearly final sessions which would shed much light on the message as a whole, also on the Tarot. Tonight four were foregathered at Bolinas – the same number present when the sessions started in Carmel in 1962, hence the emphasis on four at the beginning. Much that was said would retrospectively illuminate what was past.

Four a foundation make. There is that which supports a foundation and that which rises from it.

Legion: What supports the foundation?

WE: That which is present.

Legion: Ought the structure to be determined at this time? What does it look like?


Lorna: Is it always there?

WE: Yes. It is seen as rising.

Lorna: Is it ever completed?

WE: No.

Legion: Can we help it along?

WE: Yes.

Sweet Timothy: How?

WE: By knowing that the foundation is rooted in the present.

Lorna: What four make a foundation?

WE: The mind, the heart, the body, and that which holds them unified.

WE say this: Sit not in your structure. BE your structure. Think not that sitting is being. Never is sitting being. Be and sit, but do not sit and be.

Tear not thy flesh in useless flutterings, rend not thy mind in foggy needs, flow not thy heart in wispy shadows, recognize the solidity of your soundings. Confront the solidity to know the reality of this. When met eye to eye, the solidity is not a barrier. A time of seeming change is upon you. Difficulties will arise if you do not confront YOU. If you put your Self, around the corner, the corner will smash into you. The fearless fear not. Think not you are incapable of putting your Self around a corner. You are capable of this . . . and more. It is the more which is needed. Ask.

Sweet Timothy: What of my “fall”?

WE: The rupture is mended when the structure is founded in the present. NOW, of course.

Lorna: How does this fit in with Jung?

WE: One hears what one hears . . . . It matters what you speak.

Legion: Would you write more on the will?

WE: The will is a mover; it can be moved, also. When it is moving, it cannot be moved.

Legion: Is feeling the mover of the will? As in the Book of the Feeler?

WE: Yes. Woe to him who feels and moves not. A won’t is a will, but a non-motion is a clogging that, sooner or later, must move or else the vultures swarm.

Sweet Timothy: But what if you don’t feel?

WE: One feels. There is a difference between feeling and wishing not to move.

Lorna: Are we, as individuals, not moving because we don’t wish destruction?

WE: No. The not-moving is a reluctance to go around the corner after You (are) there.

Lorna: Do we really have anything to do with it?

WE: All.

Legion: Clarify, please.

WE: ‘Tis better to have You before you. If You are around a corner, go around that corner after You even if you don’t know what lurks there. Fear and its results vanish with the first step. Know this: You put your Self around the corner initially.

Sweet Timothy: Well, I’m around the corner in a box. I can’t out.

WE: Is there a feeling that moves you? Feel, then, and move before thought; move with the feeling, not an instant later.

Sweet Timothy: But what about the absolute whim I began this with?

WE: A whim for one might be a wham for you.

Sweet Timothy: What started all this creation-destruction?

WE: Do you judge your feelings as felt, or later? May WE suggest this to Sweet Timothy: select a period of time long or short (better short) where you agree to act instantly upon feeling, thinking not of consequences of such action and accepting the consequences. This exercise will bulge unused muscles.

Q: Is there anything else to be said now?

WE: There is if wished. What is the difficulty?

Q: Isn’t feeling for others a shattering of images?

WE: Not so. . . . summed up by fear.

Legion: Why is the sign of Cancer over the head of the Feeler?

WE: That which is overhead is not within.

Lorna: Is there, then, any such thing as responsibility?

WE: One is responsible, yes, but to Self alone. One is responsible to Self alone. There is One Self.

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