Session 101


December 6, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, and a visitor, Brite, an artist from Sausalito.

WE: It has been said. It will be said again. The night of indecision has been illuminated, the day of doubt has set. Noon is upon you and shadows of doubt do not exist. Speak that which you must; let no man stop your flow. Ask.

Legion: Can I augment the psychological “shock” treatments I’ve been undergoing recently? Suggestions?

WE: Yes. After their explosion, trace their source. It will vary on occasion. After identification, think of that area as having been aroused-like after a restless sleep. Smoothness is to be realized, for those areas you are arousing must smooth.

Legion: Could you say more about the stolen idol’s eye?

WE: It is now replaced and re-functioning. No blame.

Legion: Please answer Sweet Timothy’s question in a letter recently received.

WE: Sweet Timothy is in a foreign land. He is to learn the language and customs of these, his people. He is to move with grace through the land. There is that which could be said if wanted.

(The planchette pointed to the visitor, Brite, who had arrived unexpectedly just before the session started.)

Brite: What could be said?

WE: What is wanted?

Brite: Am I supposed to meet Jeanne again? (A friend living in Mexico City, but she was uncertain of the address.)

WE: You move as You direct. You have traveled to the land of the Mother seeking a substance. Her teat pains. She moans. Will you drink? (Pause. No reply from Brite.) You will not, then drink? Her substance is offered once only. When the dry season commences, it has its season. Now is the time. With Her substance is sustenance. Husks abound in dry seasons.

Legion: Why is the Mother here in Mexico specifically?

WE: ONE is here.

Legion: Is the Mother the symbol of ONE?

WE: When understood, ONE is the Mother. The Mother understands ..

Legion: Is the Mother Book number 1 of the Tarot, then?

WE: It could be so stated.

Legion: What of the Tarot now?

WE: That which is writ is to be read. It has been said this is your sphere.

Legion: Then what I saw the other night regarding the Mother was correct?

WE: None other pictures for you. Here is a tale: A boy child stood naked before his mother. He went forth among his brothers covered. Great was the loss.

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